On Mayday, A New York Reader Says Let's Get Two Birds With One Stone
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Saturday's Letters: A New York Reader Reminds Immigrants of the Importance of Learning English

From: Frank Hertle [e-mail him]

Re: Deena Filchum's Saturday Letter: A Virginia Reader Asks What About Amnesty's Impact On Schools? What About Medical Screening?

Is there anything sane about having 20 million illegal aliens in our country?

Ask yourself these questions: Does any other nation have this many foreigners living in their homeland? Is it possible that terrorists might slip in along with people looking for work? Do you leave your doors open when you go out and allow anyone who comes into your house during the day to take up residence with you?

Regarding the upcoming "Day Without Mexicans", I suggest that Americans who want jobs should take advantage by showing up at companies that employ illegals to see if they need workers on Monday.

Maybe this will start us on the solution to two problems at once: putting more Americans to work and encouraging illegal aliens to return to their native countries because there are not jobs for them here.

VDARE.COM note: Contributor John Miano [e-mail him] makes this prediction: "May 1st will be the first Y2K non-event of the millennium. There will be some protests but the lives of average Americans will not be affected."
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