A Los Angeles Teacher Says the Alien Lobby Has Taken Over LAUSD
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A California Reader Worries About the Student Demonstrations

From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Who Gains From Unchecked Illegal Immigration?

Guzzardi's exceptional column distills the immigration enforcement debate down to the burning questions that are the Achilles heel of pro-illegal immigration forces.  

Here's an anecdote to illustrate how completely the alien lobby in Los Angeles has absorbed the Los Angeles Unified School District.

 My school site has a media class in which students produce a weekly show "Campus News" that is transmitted to every classroom on Friday.  

Of course, the main story last week was the March 27th student walkouts.  There was no pretense of journalistic objectivity or balance in the piece that featured demonstrators waving a sea of Mexican flags and the obligatory "Viva la Raza" and "This is stolen land" placards.  

The segment featured an interview of a television news reporter as well as teachers and administrators from our campus whose comments were thoroughly glowing and supportive of the protestors, their "struggle" and their behavior.  

The capper was one of our administrators who finished his enthusiastic support of the walkouts by adding, "My dad came here illegally."

That's one heck of a message from an administrator at an American public school whose salary is paid by American taxpayers.

These are dark days but it is heartening to read VDARE.COM's observations and analysis of the issues.  

Keep fighting the good fight.  Like Guzzardi and the rest of you, I'll never give up.

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