A Catholic Reader Defends His Church; Peter Brimelow Comments
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A Michigan Reader Wonders Just Who Will Teach Amnestied Aliens

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Re: April 27th Letter to VDARE.COM: A Massachusetts Reader Says the Roman Catholic Church Is Heartless

The screed on the "heartlessness" of the Catholic Church is venom at its best, right up there with a typical Anti-Defamation League attack.  The writer displays an ignorance of history that is astounding and from the venom conveys a feeling of some personal wrong.

While the bishops carry on their destructive behavior against the country, they have done the same against the church.  There is a difference between church teachings and the attitude of the current bishops.

Theologically, many of the bishops have ignored church teaching on homosexuality and have long tolerated, if not endorsed, theological error. The writer is unable to make the distinction.

Nor is the writer aware that many of those opposed to the current suicidal immigration policies are practicing Catholics appalled at the bishops—and the U.S. government.

Let's not forget that the advocate in chief of illegal immigration is none other than George W. Bush, a Protestant.

Peter Brimelow writes: As I've repeatedly said, VDARE.COM is a coalition. But our Massachusetts reader's fierce attack on the Catholic Church for its immigration policy certainly stretched our coalition to its limit and I am sorry that a number of friends felt compelled to complain. For a more nuanced VDARE.COM view, see here.

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