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A Seton Hall Law School Professor Offers Alternatives For Dealing with Gov. Eliot Spitzer; etc.

From: William E. Garland (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Joe To Dubya—Use ICE Agents Against Illegal Alien Coddler Eliot Spitzer

Guzzardi suggested sending ICE agents to New York DMV offices to deter illegal aliens from applying for licenses under Spitzer's new guidelines.

More effective possibilities are:

1. Federal officials could subpoena the licensing records of New York starting with December 1st because, if Spitzer's plan goes ahead, there will likely be a surge in applications by illegal aliens about that time.

2. Since illegal entry is a federal criminal offense, anyone, such as county officials, knowing of a probable violation of federal law cannot be stopped from reporting that information to federal officials.

Garland has been a full-time Seton Hall Law School professor since 1976. He resides in what he likes to describe as "the Peoples' Republic of New Jersey."

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A New York Reader Thanks VDARE.COM For Going After Eliot Spitzer

From: Kirsten Mortensen (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Joe To Dubya—Use ICE Agents Against Illegal Alien Coddler Eliot Spitzer

It's great to see that VDARE.COM is going after Spitzer—Google News listed Guzzardi's piece when I did a search on the New York governor.

I've never seen New York so riled—we pay the highest taxes of any state yet we're political zombies. Our unified attack on Spitzer is a wonderful breath of fresh air.

And now New York's GOP-controlled Assembly is talking about recalling Spitzer. There's not a doubt in my mind that Spitzer ever dreamed there'd be political fallout. He's off the elitism scale so it's a delight to think how he's squirming. [Assembly GOP Exploring the Possibility of a Recall, By Rick Karlin, Times-Union, October 13, 2007]

Also, although Guzzardi doesn't go into this aspect of Spitzer's story, surely the governor is motivated by the prospect of adding Democrats to the voting rolls.

A New York driver's license is the preferred ID method required for voter registration and the state offers registration forms in our DMV offices.

The form makes you say you're a legal resident but it's the honor system—you're not required to prove it. You can see a PDF of the application here.

Thanks again to VDARE.COM—I'm optimistic that Spitzer will end up having to back down. Every bit of pressure you apply helps.

Mortensen lives in upstate New York and has written about the Spitzer travesty on her blog here.

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But Another New York Reader Thinks Voters Will Let Spitzer Skate

From: Christopher Neal

Guzzardi wrote:

"That's why Spitzer is going to take the fall. He's wrong and none of his bombast and rhetoric can make him right."

While I of course agree with Guzzardi in general, I wonder if Spitzer is really going to "take the fall."

I was born and raised in New York and I have serious doubts that the voters will hold Spitzer accountable.

The New York City white "Reagan Democrats" no longer exist and upstate voters haven't suffered through enough illegal immigration to shift party allegiances. But, because of the stagnant economy, rural attitudes are changing.

Spitzer doesn't come up for reelection until 2010. He has the non-white vote and the Manhattan liberals locked up, at least for the time being.

I can't see patriots winning in New York for a good long time.

Send Neal mail c/o

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A California Reader Says Spitzer Has United New York Against Illegal Immigration

From: David Levine (e-mail him)

Guzzardi only got part of the story right on showing up radical mad dog Spitzer for what he is (He's no liberal—he's an in your face leftist and there is a qualitative difference).

What Guzzardi missed is the good news that by pushing such a dangerous and insane decree, Spitzer has brought the small New York cadre of anti-invasion folks like Steve Levy of Suffolk and others into view.

Even more importantly, Spitzer has made new heroes (like county clerk Frank Merola) who have brought renewed vigor and increased press interest in the crusade against illegal immigration to New York, effectively a sanctuary state.

Spitzer has incensed even liberals like Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

When I see Spitzer talk, I'm reminded of another radical Harvard leftist, Alan Dershowitz. While they don't look alike, they sure act alike.

Levine's previous letter about hiring and buying American is here.

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An Arizona Reader Thinks Spitzer Misjudged The Outcry

From:  Sandra Miller (e-mail her)

What everyone misses is that if Spitzer wanted what he claims (safer roads, screened drivers and insurance), he could do that with a driving certificate, not valid for ID. Stupid as certificates are (just ask Tennessee State Representative Donna Rowland who couldn't believe how hard it was to repeal), it would achieve what Spitzer SAYS he wants.

But what Spitzer wants is to legalize illegal aliens, pure and simple. That requires valid ID—not a driving certificate.

I am a former Californian and long-time fighter against immigration travesties who collected signatures for Prop 187.

The good news in the Spitzer disaster is, as Guzzardi wrote, that finally politicians hear the storm and flak when they slap citizens in the face with pro-illegal alien legislation. I tell newbies to the immigration battle that not so long ago, no one protested.

Today politicians pay the price and their names, as Peter Brimelow might say, are "bandied about."

I doubt if Spitzer expected this uproar when he began this outrage.

S. J. Miller is a veteran of the IT industry and a life-long resident of border states of: California, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada. Miller volunteered in Arizona's Prop. 200, a ballot measure passed by Arizona voters to exclude illegal aliens from voting and receiving publicly funded welfare benefits.

Read her VDARE.COM column about Home Depot here.

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A California Reader Doesn't Like What She Learned About Alexandria, VA.'s Alien Enthusiast Mayor

From:  Kathlene Miller (e-mail her)

Re: James Fulford's Blog: Pittsburgh-Tribune Review On Subsidizing Illegals  

When I read Fulford's informative and alarming article today about Mayor William D. Euille and the city council's decision to subsidize illegals in Alexandria, I thought I'd search for more background about him.

Euille still has his website "Euille for Mayor" up here. On that page is a heading for "Diversity" which states:

"Alexandria embraces diversity and I want to ensure that our diversity is celebrated and protected. When I was growing up in our city, blacks and whites learned, sometimes painfully, but ultimately productively, to live, work, and go to school together.

"More recently, we have seen a dramatic increase in people from all over the world. Visit our newest elementary school, Samuel Tucker, and see the display of flags from nations all over the globe, each representing the country of origin of the student body.

"Our Latino population also continues to grow. I will continue to work with individuals, and neighborhood and advocacy groups, to make sure that every person has a place at the table. I will strive to see that all our citizens can take advantage of the opportunities in education, employment, and housing that were afforded to my family and me. That's the One Alexandria that I want to see for all of us."

Because Euille is black, he apparently suffered from discrimination. Despite this, he went to college and became successful by working for a construction company after college.

In 1987 he formed his own construction company. (I wonder if the success of his company was fueled by cheap immigrant labor or did he mainly hire fellow black Americans?)

Euille claims that he wants to make sure that everybody—including illegal aliens—can take advantage of Alexandria's opportunities. Obviously, Euille doesn't realize the harm this presents to blacks.

And under "Fiscal Responsibility":

"In an era of unfunded mandates and spending cuts at the Federal and State levels that continue to squeeze Alexandria's budget, I am proud that I have resisted quick and easy fixes that may make for good sound bites, but do not serve the long-term interests or values of his hometown.

"As Mayor, working with the Council, we will continue to implement the kinds of fiscally responsible policies that have secured Alexandria a spot among the fiscal elite in the region, the Commonwealth, and the nation."

Time will tell how long Alexandria will remain fiscally solvent, crime free and safe with Euille's reckless Open Borders philosophy.

Let's see what the citizens vs. the "diverse" decide in 2009 when Euille's term is up.

Caution: Virginians who oppose Euille's vision of a "One Alexandria" will most likely be deemed racist since Mayor is black.

Miller's previous letters to VDARE.COM about why doctors are leaving California, the "noble immigrant" misconception, and Senator Edward Kennedy's selective compassion are here, here and here.

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A California Reader Wonders How Brenda Walker Could Be A Democrat

From:  Jim (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: A Democrat Ruminates On Ramadan: What Would Franklin Roosevelt Do

Walker wrote an excellent, well-researched article.

One thing puzzles me. How can Walker be a Democrat? She sure doesn't sound like one.

Brenda replies: I remain a registered Democrat because all my elected officials in California are Democrats except Arnold. So when I lobby them about immigration I say: "I'm a registered Democrat and I'm sick of open borders." I don't much care for what the party has become but there is a method to my madness.

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A Reader In England Sees Bigotry in Charges Against J. Philippe Rushton

From:  Ronald E. Prindle (e-mail him)

Re: Saturday Forum Letter: A Reader In India Disputes Rushton On Intelligence

While I could understand letter writer Mr. Ganesh Thiyagesen's objections to Rushton's article, Indians Aren't That Intelligent (On Average) if the latter had disparaged the intelligence of the Indian people. But Rushton did not.

Rushton merely pointed out that contrary to the gushing of tycoons like Bill Gates, Indians are on average no more intelligent than the white people that Gates and others like him are replacing.

The issue is not intelligence but economics—Indians are being imported to the U.S. because they will lick boot for less. 

Further, Thiyagesen fails to take into account the civil disabilities imposed on whites worldwide. In the U.S. and Europe, they are called "hate laws" and they are used to disenfranchise whites in favor of, in this case, Indians.

If Thiyagesen means to imply that in South Africa there are not the most stringent civil disabilities imposed on "the intellectually inferior, lazy, and drug/alcohol consuming white race," as he wrote, then I suggest that he is an outright liar and an old fashioned bigot.

Need I remind Thiyagesen that Hindu/Moslem conflicts required British intervention to make India halfway equitable. Would Thiyagesen like the US to make Indians an untouchable class in America as Indians have done to their own people in India?

If Indians are able to secure Silicon Valley jobs, it is not because they are superior to whites. Rather it is because they will work for less. More qualified whites are rendered unemployable only because of hiring restrictions imposed by the capitalists who run the high-tech firms.

What Thiyagesen letter proves is that bigotry is just as ugly coming from the Asian subcontinent as it from anywhere else.

Prindle writes for the Edgar Rice Burroughs weekly webzine and has two blogs: and His prior letter to VDARE.COM about the U.S. agriculture labor market is here.

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