A Long Island Reader Says To Serve and Deport Sounds Good To Him
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November 12, 2004

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Japanese Rejecting American Pearls?

From: Christopher Collins


"Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy is thinking about a pilot project to 'deputize' a few Suffolk County police officers to act in the additional role of immigration agents. He insists he won't have police doing massive sweeps, looking for undocumented immigrants. It would only be a few officers, for limited purposes, he says,"

 Newsday writes in an editorial criticizing the move. [Don't sic them on immigrants, too, November 8, 2004]. The New York Times, in a separate editorial, also says the move is unnecessary. [To Serve and Deport.]

Mr. Levy, as a legislator, proposed the ban on using a cell phone while driving. Reasonable, right? People like talking on the phone but it takes a hand off the wheel, puts it next to the driver's face, cuts down his visibility and otherwise distracts him from the life or death job of operating the vehicle.

Good law, I'd say.

I met him and spoke with him a couple of times back in 1989-90 when I was a reporter/editor for a group of weekly local newspapers. He seemed like a nice, non-ideological, reasonable guy back then.

This deputy initiative seems reasonable too. Reasonable and political; hard to argue against "just a few" "for limited purposes" but the principle is HUGE!

Which of course is probably why the—can't even find the word, elite-staffed? From out of town and out of touch?—papers can't stand it.

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