A Long Island Reader Says To Serve and Deport Sounds Good To Him
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November 12, 2004, 04:00 AM
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November 12, 2004

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Japanese Rejecting American Pearls?

From: Christopher Collins


"Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy is thinking about a pilot project to `deputize` a few Suffolk County police officers to act in the additional role of immigration agents. He insists he won`t have police doing massive sweeps, looking for undocumented immigrants. It would only be a few officers, for limited purposes, he says,"

 Newsday writes in an editorial criticizing the move. [Don`t sic them on immigrants, too, November 8, 2004]. The New York Times, in a separate editorial, also says the move is unnecessary. [To Serve and Deport.]

Mr. Levy, as a legislator, proposed the ban on using a cell phone while driving. Reasonable, right? People like talking on the phone but it takes a hand off the wheel, puts it next to the driver`s face, cuts down his visibility and otherwise distracts him from the life or death job of operating the vehicle.

Good law, I`d say.

I met him and spoke with him a couple of times back in 1989-90 when I was a reporter/editor for a group of weekly local newspapers. He seemed like a nice, non-ideological, reasonable guy back then.

This deputy initiative seems reasonable too. Reasonable and political; hard to argue against "just a few" "for limited purposes" but the principle is HUGE!

Which of course is probably why the—can`t even find the word, elite-staffed? From out of town and out of touch?—papers can`t stand it.