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07/24/09 - A Retired Georgia Reader Explains Why He Donates To VDARE.COM

A California Reader Hopes That The State GOP Is Getting Its Immigration Act Together; etc.

From: Arnold Portocarerro (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Governor Dianne Feinstein?: The Horror!

Meg Whitman, picked by Guzzardi as the 2010 GOP frontrunner for California's gubernatorial race, is beginning to say all the right things.

In an interview in San Francisco before her address to the Professional Business Women of California, Whitman who has in the past has indicated support for federal funding for programs for children born to illegal aliens, said that: "we have to prosecute illegal aliens and criminal illegal aliens in all of our cities, in every part of California.''

For good measure, Whitman added that she wants to work to end San Francisco's sanctuary city polity, saying that: "there is an ordinance on the books that protects illegal aliens and criminal illegal aliens. We have to stop that.'' [Whitman: Prosecute Illegal all of our cities, by Carla Marinucci, San Francisco Chronicle, May 6, 2009]

If Whitman wins the Republican nomination, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom who instituted the city's sanctuary policy, could be her Democratic rival in the November election.

Congratulations to Whitman for saying the obvious. Dare we hope that the GOP is finally coming to its senses about the state's immigration crisis?

Maybe she has studied the California GOP's dismal performance over the past two decades in major political races and drawn the parallel between ignoring immigration and humiliatingly large margins of defeat.

Porotocarerro's previous letter about a potentially new angle for Internet matchmakers is here.

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Another California Reader Misses Paradise Lost

From: Bill Sarni (e-mail him)

Re: Saturday Forum: A California Refugee Mourns Her Native State's Demise

Like letter writer Eloise Wilson, I've seen Los Angeles go from Paradise to hell in 30 years.

The elephant in the living room, of course, is illegal immigration.

My neighborhood has turned into a barrio, with bars on doors and windows, abandoned shopping carts, old sofas and junky cars strewn everywhere, graffiti, rude, surly people, chickens in yards, Mexican music blasting all night, tons of traffic, ridiculously long waits in emergency rooms full of illegals, overcrowded, dangerous and ineffective schools, auto accidents caused by unlicensed, uninsured and often drunk illegals, and on and on.

Despite the horrible conditions, apartments in my building rent for over $1,200 a month, just for a basic one-bedroom with no dishwasher, central heating or air, and no amenities in a dirty, noisy, unsafe barrio!

To live in any decent area is even more expensive. The illegals afford it by violating codes to crowd several people into a one-bedroom apartment. Since Americans don't want to live that way, we have few options except to leave town.

On top of all the other injustices illegal immigration creates, we have to pay for things like medical and auto insurance which many illegals refuse to carry.

I'm completely fed up and looking to get out of this Los Angeles rathole. The toughest part is figuring out where to go, since many other states are also being invaded now.

Thanks a whole lot to the politicians who refuse to close the borders, deport illegals, or reduce legal immigration.

In their gated communities and ivory towers, they couldn't care less about the rest of us. May they burn for what they have done to America and to their fellow Americans.

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A Nevada Reader Wonders if President Obama Will Cash In Harry Reid's IOU At Amnesty Time

From: William Long (e-mail him)

Joe Guzzardi's Column: Attention Senators Dodd, Reid and Specter: Prepare Your Resumes!

In May, President Barack Obama came to Nevada to fundraise for immigration/amnesty enthusiast Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Just a few months earlier, Obama criticized companies who took taxpayer stimulus dollars but still went to Las Vegas for business conventions. [Obama Expected to Visit Las Vegas in May, by Lisa Mascaro, Las Vegas Sun, March 31, 2009]

So what happened in Las Vegas? The same thing Obama complained about but with a political twist.

Reid, with Obama's help raised, $2 million for his next election campaign. Talk about hypocritical. Whose money if not the federal taxpayers, may I ask, did Obama use to take Air Force One to Las Vegas?

Obama and Reid stuck the Americans with the bill for his visit by having an official function at Nellis Air Force Base where the president spoke about and visited a taxpayer-funded solar energy facility.

Without Obama's presence, Reid's campaign by law would have been legally responsible for the expenses of the president's trip.

Obama put a giant political IOU in his back pocket to cash in the next time he wants Reid's support. 

Nevada's talking heads uttered not a word about this farce of political maneuvering.

As for Reid's 2010 chances, a lot can happen between now and then.

The Democratic-controlled unions may be a more fragile coalition than many think. With eight out of 10 homeowners in southern Nevada underwater in their homes, anger and frustration are mounting. [The Underwater Mortgages of Clark County, by Brian Wargo, Las Vegas Sun, May 29, 2009]

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An Illinois Engineer Gives His Example Of Who Deserves To Be Mourned in Death—Bet You Never Heard Of Him

From: Bob Johnson (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Farrah Fawcett Remembered


I enjoyed Guzzardi's column about Farrah Fawcett and totally concur about the ridiculous media frenzy surrounding Michael Jackson.  


As an aging but not old engineer by training and profession, I often monitor obituary pages for deaths of my fellow scientist colleagues and scientists.


About the same time of the Fawcett/Jackson deaths, I noticed the passing of Dr. Jean Dausset who discovered the human leukocyte antigen system, or HLA, on human tissue that made typing for transplants possible.


Despite his lifesaving contributions, Dausset's death wasn't plastered over the front pages or even featured on television news specials.  No one even recognizes his name. [Dr. Jean Dausett Dies at 92, by Thomas H. Maugh, Los Angeles Times, June 27, 2009]


Yet think of Dausset's affect on mankind. How many people are alive today or had much longer lives because of his pioneering work?


Fawcett and Jackson have name recognition. Dausset is the person who deserves the adulation.


Johnson contributes articles to a professional Internet newsletter. His previous letters to VDARE.COM are here.

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