A Retired Georgia Reader Explains Why He Donates To VDARE.COM
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From: Bill Millette (e-mail him)

Re: Peter Brimelow's Appeal: Give To VDARE.COM Now—While It's Still Legal

I am retired. My wife works as a clerk in our local county school district.

In January 2010, there will be a 2 percent decrease in school salaries to offset declining revenues and help to help save jobs among the staff.

In addition we will, for reasons too long to explain, have our retirement income significantly reduced as of August 1.

In spite of that, I just posted a modest contribution to VDARE.COM and I will strive to contribute again as we adjust top our new, lower income.


The work Peter Brimelow, Steve Sailer, and all of your editorial staff contributes to America's overall well being.

VDARE.COM fights our fight for us.

It sees, hears and writes things that we cannot.

We Americans would be even more at the mercy of our shiftless, self-serving Congress.

My small donation means the loss of an inexpensive meal. But that is a drop in the bucket versus what could happen to America without VDARE.COM exposing the treasonous effort of our foes.

Keep up the great work. I wish VDARE.COM every success.

Millette, who was born in Massachusetts, served in the U.S. Navy and worked for IBM for 31-years. He writes that he "is anti-illegal immigration and opposed to the people who, like Teddy Kennedy, support them." Adds Millette: "if God would let me turn back the clock 40 years, I would volunteer to help our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan." His previous letter about Bruce Springsteen is here.

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