A New Jersey Reader Says Hispanic Noise Pollution Is Ruining Her Neighborhood—An Update
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From: Danusha Goska, Ph. D. (e-mail her)

Two years ago in my letter I promised to keep VDARE.COM readers updated on my efforts to bring an end to Hispanic noise pollution destroying my Paterson neighborhood. [VDARE.COM note: Paterson is 53 percent Hispanic.]

Today I'm keeping my word although I wish I had better news to share.

Since my previous calls to Paterson Mayor José Torres went unanswered (try it yourself here), I decided to write him.

Here is the text of my letter:

"My neighbors and I have tried for several years to receive a reply from your office regarding the noise pollution from Cianci Street Minimart, at # 8 Cianci Street.

"Your office has declined to respond. We have been calling the Paterson police for years, yet the situation has not improved. I phoned Paterson police on Monday, February 18, and, though I was courteous and informative, 'Operator 9330' hung up on me.

"The Cianci Street Mini-Mart (VDARE.COM note: apparently, Hispanic-owned) is in a residential neighborhood near Artists' Housing, a federally funded attempt to make Paterson livable again, a grammar school, and housing for the elderly.

"In fair weather, Cianci Street Mini-mart blasts bump-and-grind "music" at ear-shattering decibels any hour of the day or night. Research proves that noise pollution such as that emitted by Cianci St. Minimart makes it impossible for children to study and damages the elderly by raising heart rates and stress hormones.

"Given that Cianci Street Minimart can blast "music" at will, criminals infer that this is a safe neighborhood for drug dealing and gang activity.

"Indeed, those take place on the sidewalk in front of Cianci Street Mini-Mart. Artists' Housing residents include published writers and professional artists who contribute to New Jersey's cultural life. We include professors who contribute to New Jersey's future, through her students.

"At least one brilliant authoress, teacher, and Paterson historian left Artists' Housing because of the noise. We, the residents of Artists' Housing, deserve better than the slum conditions to which your disregard condemns us, Mayor Torres.

"I know Paterson, from east to west, from north to south, Main Street, Broadway, and McBride. Except in the downtown, commercial strip, no other stores blast noise at the volume that Cianci Street Mini-Mart does.

"Why do you give it a free pass? Why do you ignore your constituents' attempts to thwart this harbinger of urban decay? Why do you squander the gift that the federal government granted this neighborhood in Artists' Housing? Why are you contributing to the ruination of Paterson?"

I'm not expecting a resolution anytime soon. The last time I called the store the guy I spoke to made it clear that he felt that I was complaining because I'm American and that he could play music loud because he is Hispanic. He told me to "go live in Wayne," a town with fewer Hispanics.

In the unlikely event that Torres responds, your readers will be among the first to know.

Goska, a teacher and Democrat, previously wrote to us about her experience with National Public Radio. Read the letter here.

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