A Nevada Reader Sees Through Majority Leader Harry Reid
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From: Steve Wilson [e-mail him]

With the Senate defeat of closure today by a vote of 64-35 it is clear that the oligarchs and their pimps in the halls of Congress are determined to ram Comprehensive Immigration Reform down our throats. 

Senator Harry Reid said he wanted more Republicans to come aboard. He got his wish today.  But Reid really needs additional Republican support to provide political cover for the Democrats. 

Understandably, the Democrats don't want all the fire that this effort to change the demography of America may spark.  They need to spread the blame.  Reid, the professional that he is, realizes that with emotional legislation like this covering his butt is a necessity.[Harry Reid's Sham, Washington Post, June 15, 2007]

Too bad the Senate thwarted civil discourse.

Our side is always willing to engage in open and honest debate. But where is the other side?

Wilson is a Vietnam veteran  

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