A California Reader Predicts A Booming New Business For Internet Matchmakers
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From: Arnold Portocarerro (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Meet Rose—A Prospective Fiancée Visa Bride Currently Working in A Filipino Sex Club

Now that gay marriages have begun in California, just imagine what a boon fiancée visas will to all the svelte, pretty-boy types around the world who aspire to be brides in the U.S. [California Weddings One More Step on Long Road,  By Jim Doyle, San Francisco Chronicle, June 16, 2008] 

I envision an international website-based business named "www.boybridesusa.com."

Joe Guzzardi comments: I contacted a former federal law enforcement official who worked for twenty years in the legacy INS and the Department of Homeland Security. According to him, this is an entirely possible scenario.

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