A CA Insurance Salesman Calls For Truth In Alien Lawsuits Act
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From: California Insurance Salesman

Re: Diversity Is Strength: It's Also…Illegals Invoking the Law

I sell insurance; I've noticed the trend of illegal alien and immigrant plaintiffs for several years. I believe it's one of the reasons trial lawyers support immigration—immigrants are their biggest customers, from minor auto accidents to medical malpractice for unpaid medical services. If you can't pay the bill or fix the car, sue somebody. Income coming up short? Sue somebody!

I've been writing and lobbying for an "Immigrant, Alien, Anchor-Baby Tort Claims Enumeration Act". I think the actual claim numbers and costs would surprise everybody and help explain why our insurance rates are skyrocketing and our courts are clogged with litigation.

Insurance companies don't mind either. If rates go up for everybody, they increase profits, 15% of $10,000 premium is better than 15% of a $5,000 premium, as long as the claims are evenly spread among all companies—which they are, every company gets sued by immigrants, the companies all have to raise their premiums and profits together.

Also, our "honesty-based tort system", with virtually no liability for perjury, is vulnerable to dishonest people. And people willing to criminally invade a foreign country are, I'm sure, far more likely to lie in court for money.

I wouldn't be surprised if 50% of all claims are lies or exaggerations or flat-out fraud. For many immigrants, tort claims are their primary source of income. And I'm not talking about immigrant lawyers.

Just go down to any court house (criminal or civil) in the country. You'll see immigrants and aliens in a far greater percentage than any other group—including native-born US citizens.

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