A Washington State Reader Says Qualified Teachers Lose Out In The Race To Diversify The Classroom
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From: Matt Parrott (e-mail him)

Re: Christina Neal's Letter: A Washington State Reader Is Flabbergasted That Her State Is Importing Foreign-Born Teachers

There are many arbitrary, absurd barriers to hiring teachers such as requiring someone with a PhD in math to get an additional Master's of Education or a teaching certificate which can take years to complete.

State bureaucrats could easily drop some of those unnecessary requirements to hire thousands of unemployed math and physics Ph.D's to teach.

Yet Seattle Public Schools (website in ten languages) goes to the Dominican Republic, not known as a math powerhouse, to recruit teachers. The district hired a black Dominican, Francisco Size, and assigned him to Rainier Beach High School, a nearly all black school where he failed miserably.

This is incredible since the Seattle Public School District plans to lay off nearly 175 teachers this summer. [Seattle Public Schools to Lay Off Teachers, by Nick Eaton, SeattlePI.com, May 12, 2009]

This entire scenario is secretly driven by the ethnic cronyism and minority-hire quota policies that rule SPS behind the scenes.

I would wager that as many has half of the black, Indian, Chinese as well as all the other minority teachers are hired by their co-ethnics under "diversity" quota requirements.

Parrott is a retired school administrator living in Oregon.

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