A West Texas Reader Says Cheap Labor Promoters Should Pay "Reparations" For Mass Immigration
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Above, President Lyndon Johnson signs the Immigration Act Of 1965

From: A West Texas Reader [Email him]

With certain politician-critters yammering for "reparations" for pre-1865 slavery, (always omitting the fact that at least 2% of the White population died in the Civil War, more than 620,000 men and boys, translates to more than 6,000,000 deaths in today's numbers) here is a thought. 

  • Whereas pre-1865 slavery was for cheap labor, and 
  • Whereas post-1965 mass immigration is, among other things, primarily for cheap labor, 
  • Whereas the documentation that legacy Americans are displaced out of their jobs, neighborhoods, etc., by mass immigration both legal and illegal is conclusive and irrefutable, 
  • Whereas often said displacement of legacy Americans is intentional, i.e., the Disney World I.T. staff displacement atrocity and many other examples, and 
  • Whereas often said displacement of legacy Americans is encouraged by intentionally cruel public comments by people of the ilk of Max Boot and Kevin D. Williamson, and encouraged by comments defaming legacy Americans by politician-critters of the ilk of former Governor Mark Dayton, D-Minnesota and former Governor Jeb Bush,  R-Florida,
  • Therefore: every legacy American who has been displaced by immigrant cheap labor, both legal and illegal, deserves reparations from all parties involved in the immigrant cheap labor endeavor.

I'm looking at you:  

  • open-borders Senator Thom Tillis,  
  • obstinate and naive former Speaker Paul Ryan, 
  • other spineless GOP politician-critters, 
  • Barack Obama, 
  • Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, 
  • other post-American Democrat politician-critters, 
  • Koch brothers lobby, 
  • Tom Donohue and the so-called U.S. Chamber of "commerce" and your ilk, 
  • CATO Institute, 
  • SEIU open-borders agitators, 


Start paying up, boys and girls. Out of your own pockets. 

You owe a lot of reparations to the Americans you have harmed and continue to harm with immigration. 

Finally, to answer a potential objection, since today's cheap-labor immigrant-pawns come to America voluntarily as cheap labor (or for the welfare) - they cannot yammer about reparation 

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