A Reader Explains Why Kevin Williamson Dismisses The White Working Class—He's Paid $212,000 Per Annum To Do So
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Re: James Kirkpatrick's “The Little Cucks”—NATIONAL REVIEW, Kevin D. Williamson And The Pointless Persuasion

From: SteveM  [Commenting at Unz.com]

James Kirkpatrick writes:

And what is Williamson’s “conservative” response to all of this? Move to where the jobs are. And shut up.

It’s easy being an “I got mine. Let them eat cake” Social Darwinist when you are parked at a “non-profit” 501c and paid huge for doing little more than dribbling out mind-dumps.

From the NR IRS Form 990 (2016, online), Kevin Williamson is paid over $212,000 in total compensation for his caustic musings.

Nice stash for merely gas-bagging several times a week about how it’s good not to be a Deplorable.

NR honcho and Neocon High Priest Rick Lowry is paid $300,000. His fat and happy pal Jonah Goldberg takes in over $264,000.

Related to those numbers, Charles Murray is paid over $330,000 at AEI for recycling over and over that those living the Left Side of the Bell Curve deserve what they get. [VDARE.com Note: This is unfair to Murray, but if we deleted it, it would look like we were trying to hide it. ]

What can be a better job than smearing the Deplorables for fun, then collectively retreating to The Palm for thick steaks, double martinis and self-congratulations about how smart they are?

James Fulford writes: We can see why Kevin D. Williamson [Email him] is so dismissive of the the white working class—at that salary, he's no longer a member.

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