New Name For GOP: 'Donorist' Good. 'AdelZuck' Better
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Of course I strongly commend John Derbyshire’s essay Own The Insult! If The GOP Elects Ryan, Why Not Just Rename Itself “The Donorist Party”? discussing the existential crisis the Republicans are facing because of their owners’ insistence on flaunting their control.
Ryan is donorist down to his Gucci loafers.’s Julia Hahn just ran a withering piece about this:

"…Pew also found that only a maximum of seven percent of Republican voters agree with the Ryan-Rubio vision of increasing immigration...Pew Polling: At Least 93% of GOP Electorate Opposes Paul Ryan On Immigration, October 21, 2015"

Ryan has a D-minus rating on immigration issues from NumbersUSA, that’s down in the bottom quintile among Republican House members. He has consistently shilled for the interests of foreigners and employers over the interests of American workers.

John’s suggestion for the new name has logic. But on reflection I think the name invented by our Talk Radio Listener after the cash-dominated North Carolina primaries last year is better:

The AdelZuck party.

In earlier decades, when large donor influence was not merely concerned with seeking squalid commercial advantages, it was devoted to bolstering the party’s stance on issues with which large elements of the base were in fact sympathetic: firm anti-Communism, for instance, reinforcing various aspects of the Christian ethos in society, even hostility to Trade Unions.

The present spenders, however, intend precisely the reverse, as very clearly demonstrated in the 2012 election: Why Did Romney Wimp Out on Chick-fil-A? Follow The Money. After the election I asked Did Jewish GOP Donors Buy Romney's Immigration Wimp-Out? (The answer appears to be yes).

My view is that every penny Sheldon Adelson spent in 2012 was devoted not to electing a particular President but to preventing the emergence of the GOP as the Generic American Party. He succeeded.

And the pattern has only intensified since as James Fulford noted last year in POLITICO: Paul Singer, Plutocrats Plot To Buy GOP. Do They Think It Comes With Voters? And as I observed this year in Why Was The Republican Jewish Coalition’s Adelson Primary So Secretive?

If these people, like the British aristocracy a century ago, had in their own way the best interests of their countrymen at heart, the issue would not be so alarming.

But they in fact do not believe that “Americans” exist.

I vote for “AdelZuck”!

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