A Reader Objects To Being Told "All Serial Killers Are White"—Again
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From: An Offended Reader [Email him]

Here is a Sikh-American Portland comedian called Kabir Singh who posted a YouTube video with the title "Serial Killers Are Always White people?" promoting his comedy special with the line  "Every serial killer is white, and Kabir Singh has proof."

If you use YouTube's procedure for flagging it the only option is "hate speech for a protected class of people." I have to assume that does not mean white people.

I think very little in comedy should be taboo, but demonizing whites with lies about white people murdering others has to be where a line is drawn as it will lead to bloodshed of innocent white people. I prefer you not use my ID or name, I just thought you would be interested.

James Fulford replies: I watched it, and Kabir Singh's argument is that all the serial killers he's seen in documentaries are white—which is probably true, but is the fault of documentary makers, who don't want to do films about the very common black serial killers, or Juan Corona, or Angel Maturino Resendiz, the Railway Killer.

His other claim is that because of police harassment, non-whites can't drive along the street, minding their own business, with a dead body in their trunk, without being stopped by the police for no reason. This isn't true, either.

See Myth Buster: Radford University Study Shows Since 1990, Blacks Have Been Majority of Serial Killers in USA, by Paul Kersey.

Here's something I wrote on the subject a while back.

The idea that serial killers are almost universally white is a trope in popular culture that deserves to be discredited.

At the beginning of the movie Copycat,  Sigourney Weaver, playing psychologist Dr. Helen Hudson,  asks all the men in her lecture  audience to stand, and then tells the non-white men to sit down, leaving only white men standing—because they fit the "profile" of serial killers. (This something that professors can only do to white males.)

But this is only true because she's in a movie—movies always have white, educated, urbane, and sophisticated serial killers.

In real life, however, there are a lot of black serial killers.

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