A Reader Reminds Us Of More Forgotten Black Serial Killers
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Re: James Fulford's blog: Black Serial Killers: "It Is One Of The Mysteries Of Modern Criminology…"

A Reader Writes:

Apparently even you have never heard of one of the most prolific serial killers of all time, a black man, Carl Eugene Watts. [The "Sunday Morning Slasher."] He was convicted of 13 murders of females—all white except one—but he is suspected in as many as 100 murders. His case reads like a horror movie, As a matter of fact if he had not been black I'm sure his case would have been made into a movie. He died last September of prostate cancer.

Then there's the black serial killer in Kansas who got caught when he mailed an internet map to cops to show them how stupid they were and how smart he was.[That would be Terry A. Blair, who was actually in Kansas City, Missouri.]

In fairness it is now admitted that serial killers know no bounds in regards to race, cutting across all strata. 

James Fulford writes: Thanks. The point of my blog post, and the article I was linking to, was not so much that there are a lot of black serial killers, but that they never get any press. They don't seem to fit the Mainstream Media narrative.

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