Railroad Killer Finally Executed
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Illegal alien Angel Maturino Resendiz was thought to have killed up to 15 people, but was convicted and executed for the murder of one, Texas Doctor Claudia Benton.

Benton's husband, George, planned to witness Resendiz's execution "to make the statement that people have to understand what evil really is."

"I tried to figure this guy out 151 the type of killer who would choose people at random, lie in wait and watch their houses until it's dark and then kill them with something of convenience from their own house," Benton said. "It's beyond my comprehension. I can't really consider the depths of that human behavior."['Railroad Killer' executed in Texas , MSNBC, June 27, 2006]

Michelle Malkin wrote a whole chapter in her book Invasion about Resendiz because the mass murderer was in the hands of law enforcement several times but was let go because the INS and other authorities were underequipped in terms of identification technology to figure out they had a serial killer.

The government of Mexico intruded in April with lawyers attempting to save Resendez from justice, and managed to postpone the execution from May 10 until June 27. Anyway, it's all over now.

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