A Reader Considers VDARE.com's Reporting The Race Of A Criminal "Ignorant" And Irrelevant; We Reply
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Re: Matthew Richer’s post  Dominican Nanny Kills Two Children In NYC

From: Melina Compere [Email her]

Matthew Richer’s post was very ignorant. It’s horrifying that a mother lost two of her children in such a violent manner, but for Richer to say that she should've never hired a Dominican nanny in the first place because they are the most "violent group in NYC" is absurd.

I think he has selective amnesia, studies actually show that serial killers are profiled to be white men mostly in their twenties or thirties, like David Berkowitz—and what about women like Andrea Yates and Casey Anthony? I think every race and culture has good people as well as bad ones.

He has the right to his own opinion, but when he puts it out there like that, I have the right to say that his opinion is ignorant and not relevant to the story.

Matthew Richer writes: I think it's clear that the reader is distorting my blog post, so allow me to respond.

First, I never claimed that Yoselyn Ortega is a "serial killer" because she is clearly is not. Also, Andrea Yates and Casey Anthony are not examples of serial killers, or nannies. They were both mothers. I also never wrote that white mothers never kill their children. Sadly, sometimes they do.

Second, it is simply fact that the phenomenon of familicide (murder within the family) is far more common among non-Western peoples. Just search through VDARE.com and you'll find many examples.

Third, my claim that Dominicans are a very violent ethnic group is most obviously true. Unless the reader herself is Dominican, I am quite sure that she has the good sense to never enter a Dominican neighborhood, especially alone or at night.

 Ask any Haitian or Puerto Rican about the Dominicans and they will have nothing nice to say about them, especially the gang culture that Dominicans bring with them. You might also want to read my VDARE.com piece on Lawrence, MA, a largely Dominican city that has fallen to pieces in little more than a generation: Report From Occupied America: Lawrence, Massachusetts—A Banana Republic in New England.

Or my piece on New York City and its culture of Third World nannies: Escape from New York—Into America.

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