A Minnesota Reader Has A Suggestion: Impeach The Next President—Sight Unseen!
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From: Ronald Kyser (email him)

Writers at VDARE.com— Peter Brimelow  and  Patrick Cleburne in particular—keep calling for impeachment. Fine, but it's too late to impeach the old administration, and too early to impeach the new. Or is it?

The defect in real-time impeachment—i.e., impeachment after inauguration—is that it's inherently partisan. The president belongs to one party, and the charges come from the other. Few in the middle take it seriously. The solution is Generic Impeachment in Advance-i.e., impeachment before election.

Some bored factotum working for an Immigration Reform Caucus member with little to do this week—his seat is safe and his state isn't swinging—and in the mood for a fun Halloween surprise could help the cause along by drawing up articles of impeachment for the next term. Date them January 20, 2014, but release them this week.

This is just in time to educate the electorate: some actions, some inactions, cannot be tolerated no matter who holds office. It shouldn't matter if it's "your guy" or "my guy" in the White House, Barack Hussein Arugula or Willard Fillmore. He takes an oath to be our guy.

Such articles would include all the crimes of omission or commission of the past few administrations, plus any more suspected to be under consideration. Not just the weak enforcement of illegal immigration, but the low standards applied to legal immigrants. (Poor language proficiency and high welfare use are only the first to come to mind.)

Do not mention therein that many of these offenses have been going on for several administrations. Let people figure that out for themselves. Merely point out that [fill in the blank] is guilty of them now.

If, as polls predict, one of these guys wins in a squeaker, we'll have a handy wedge to use against any "comprehensive immigration 'reform'." Indeed, our best scenario might be an Electoral/popular vote divergence, like the one in 1876 that led to the end of Reconstruction.

(Though how one constructs a legitimate "popular vote" out of 51 widely variant sets of election laws is beyond me.)

Should Romney win in a landslide, it might be the only tool we have to restrain him. Imagine a Republican House sending a Republican President to a Democratic Senate for trial-for crimes that help Democrats. Paging Alphonse and Gaston...

In the case of an Obama landslide, then it's time to impeach the American people. That's taking "the devil you know" too far.

It's high time for a Day of the Dead gift-to our ancestors!

Ron Kyser has written to VDARE.com repeatedly.

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