A California Reader Notes Further Treachery From Congressman Garamendi
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Re: A California Constituent Reports A Treacherous Congressman

From: An Anonymous Californian [Email him]

The story of Rep. Garamendi  (D-Walnut Grove, CA) is more convoluted yet. Here is an addenda...

I just looked up the current NumbersUSA Report Card for Garamendi … he has moved up to a "D" - because of their giving him an "A" for voting against the "Diversity Visa"!!!!!!! 

Garamendi on Visa Lottery vote:

Total Points 50 out of 50 points

2012: Voted in favor of legislation to end the visa lottery (Smith) 

Rep. Garamendi voted in favor of H.R. 6429, the STEM Jobs Act of 2012. This bill cancels the visa lottery program, and transfers the 55,000 yearly visas that would have been granted through the visa lottery into two new priority categories (doctorate and masters degree) under 203(b). For the first two fiscal years of the program, unused visas for which petitions or applications for labor certification have been filed will be added to the total visas for the next fiscal year. Following the first two years, remaining unused visas do not transfer to the next fiscal year. Further, student visas are reformed by adding a new STEM-based F-Visa subsection. This allows for new F-Visa applicants who are pursuing a degree in a STEM category to apply without the previously necessary intent to retain their residence in their home country. The bill received a vote of 257-158, but failed to pass the House because a 2/3rds vote was required for passage. The legislation's main sponsor is Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas).

So it seems Garamendi supports the Diversity Lottery (contrary to what he told me) but was willing to throw it under the bus (as described in my previous letter) for contributions from Silicon Valley types who want cheap foreign talent by bumping up visas for STEM  graduates.

This means that the NumbersUSA Report Card calculation reflects unintended consequence rather than actual intent.

So I'd give back Garamendi his "F"!

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