A Maine Reader Finds Legal Immigration More Troubling Than Illegal Immigration
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From:  Helen Flowers

Perhaps I hold a minority view but I am far more troubled by legal immigration than by illegal, at least when the illegals' country of origin is in the Western Hemisphere.

Even if all illegal immigration ended tomorrow, the immigration of more than one million persons legally each year with the ensuing chain migration will continue to change the demographics of our country drastically.

Third World legal immigrants can bring with them undesirable developments of many types: a drastic shift in the ethnic and cultural composition of the population, fewer cases of patriotic assimilation because of the mainstream media that promotes multiculturalism, jet transportation which permits immigrants to retain close links with their homeland, and the potentially explosive transfer of intergroup conflicts from the immigrants' homelands to American soil.

We in Maine have seen plenty of this from the Somalis who were relocated to our state.

And I'm not just talking about African countries. Migrants to America from India, for example, leave a democratic country that has educated them mostly at government expense, only to have them fill lucrative professional positions in the U.S., often displacing Americans.

They enroll their parents in SSI at the U.S. taxpayer's cost. And their American-born children are now take jobs from Americans in the medical, legal, and other professions.

Their children, however, are still forced into arranged marriages in India thus increasing the number of Indian immigrants.

One of our relatives, a young physician, was shocked that some of his Indian classmates had grandparents receiving SSI while living in their children's lavish homes. But he was even more surprised as, one by one, these privileged medical students married the person from India who had been chosen by their parents.

The U.S. romanticizes about past immigrants while forgetting that without a social safety net many could not survive economically and returned home.

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