A Reader Returns To Arizona To Join The Immigration Battle
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01/09/08 - A Maine Reader Finds Legal Immigration More Troubling Than Illegal Immigration

From:  Susan Shipley (e-mail her)

I moved back to my native Arizona from Lodi, CA. (where I was Joe Guzzardi's neighbor) to help fight illegal immigration.

When I arrived in Phoenix on July 4th 2007, I walked into a Wells Fargo bank and had to ask the teller if she spoke English. I was shocked; I might as well have been in Mexico.

Your readers will be interested in my first Arizona protest. On December 22, I went to Pruitt's Furniture in Phoenix where day laborers have been gathering to protest Sheriff Joe Arpaio's enforcement of immigration law.

What an eye opener! To see the Phoenix police turn their backs on the other side and face us like we are the bad guys is something I never want to see again.

Well-known Hispanic agitator Salvador Reza repeated endlessly: "There's hate on one side and workers on the other side".

Want to guess what side Americans were on? The police pulled over Americans who honked in support of we patriots but ignored the ones honking for illegal aliens. See the protest here.

Sweet justice was finally served after our side started yelling for fairness. The police ironically they pulled over a car that coincidentally had two illegals in it.

I'll be going to as many protests as I can. Reading about these events is not the same as being here to see the hate and frightening levels of disrespect aliens have for us.

Arizona is the place to join the immigration reform fight in 2008. 

Thanks to VDARE.COM for opening my eyes about what is happening in Arizona. Thank you all. There is not a day that goes by that I'm not on your site.

Shipley, who was born in Gridley, CA., lived the last twenty-seven years in the Lodi-Lockeford area. She was raised near west Phoenix in Glendale.

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