An Indian-American Reader Says SSI Treats Legal Immigrants Worse Than Illegals
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02/20/07 - A Native American Says Immigrants Are "Indigenous" For Health Care Purposes

From: Bashar Chowdhury [email]

I've been reading several articles by fellow readers on illegal alien Social Security scams. My family immigrated several years ago and my father started an import/export business based in Virginia. He has always paid his self-employment taxes and contributed to Social Security and Medicare.

This May he turns 65 and according to the last estimate we received from the SSA he will be entitled to less than $500 a month! Yet some aliens who don't pay taxes and don't pay into the system are entitled to $700 under SSI. This is absolutely ridiculous.

But that's not the end of it. Illegal aliens, people who are breaking the law everyday, are sometimes eligible for more benefits thru welfare than an old man legally in this country who has worked hard to provide for his family while paying into the system.

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