A Reader Reports India Is Doing A Mexico
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From:  Michael Monastyrskyj

I thought the press release below might be of interest to VDARE.COM readers. Last year, the Indian government released a 38-chapter report on its relations with the Indian diaspora. Each chapter is available in pdf format here: Report Contents

Among other things, the report recommends allowing overseas Indians to hold dual citizenship and advocates the creation of something called "Pravasi Bharatiya Bhavan" which  

"would be recognition of the universal aspiration of the Diaspora to retain its cultural identity and civilizational ethos. It would house archives, a library and a permanent exhibition of the Diaspora. To provide a sense of involvement to the Diaspora in its construction, a competition to elicit the most appropriate design for the Bhavan has been recommended by us, in which architects from India and the Diaspora would be eligible to participate."

I learned from another website that the Indian government is considering establishing   "PERSONS OF INDIAN ORIGIN CARD SCHEMES (PIO)."

Looks like Vicente Fox and his matricula consular have started a trend!

January 10, 2003

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