Islamic Misogyny Making Headway in America
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Diversity enthusiasts like the idea that America does assimilation better than Europe, which is rapidly devolving into Eurabia as a result of self-destructive policies of welcoming millions of hostile Muslims.

Many Sons of Allah like residing in America in order to make piles of money. But assimilate to the values of individual freedom that make that prosperity possible? Not so much.

Muslims particularly do not agree with gender equality in law and society, and they continue their Islamic custom of enslaving women here in the land of the free, just as they have in Europe and in their countries of origin. The occurrence of honor killing in Europe against disobedient females has been a disturbing symptom of the new diversity.

Now we learn that Pakistani parents in America routinely beat, drug and threaten their daughters with murder in order to force arranged marriages upon them. Describing New York City and environs...

It's a well-kept secret in Pakistani homes across the city: Young women violently forced to return to their homeland for arranged marriages. [...]

In homes throughout the metropolitan area, violence against thousands of young women who are forced to go back to Pakistan to wed is shamelessly hushed as a "family matter."

"Eighty percent of the community has this problem" in New York, said Bazah Roohi of the Asian American Network Against Abuse of Human Rights (ANAA). "Women don't have their own choice.

"They try to fight. They are unsuccessful. Parents are very strict. They just beat them and take them to Pakistan. [Parents force daughters to fly home to Pakistan for arranged marriages New York Daily News 11//25/07]

In the words of Parapundit (Randall Parker), "Muslims are nature's way of telling us that multiculturalism is a really bad idea."
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