A Reader Asks: Why Didn't Epstein Tell Full Story About Tancredoism?
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From:  Alan Baumgartner

Re: Marcus Epstein's Column: A Victory For Tancredoism?

In his recent column, Epstein conveniently obviates the fact that the big champion against immigration U.S. Rep.Tom Tancredo has his pledged support for the sellout Mitt Romney, thus showing that when push comes to shove every phony dissident candidate in our system will end up aligning himself with the establishment.

While Tancredo has a good program when it comes to immigration, let's not forget he is also a huge warmonger and supporter of the neocon plan to reshape the Middle East at the expense of American blood and money.

Tancredo supported President Bush's push for war from day one.

I wonder why Epstein portrays Tancredo as an ideal candidate for VDARE.COM readers while at the same time he questions Ron Paul's current stance on immigration.

Everyone knows Paul's views on the issue have evolved and he is now adamantly opposed to illegal immigration. If this came from any other candidate, I wouldn't believe him. 

Paul, however, has a track record of honesty, unlike Tancredo with his baffling support for Romney and Bush.

Epstein is guilty of being selective with his facts.

Baumgartner adds that his letter should not be construed as a plug for Paul and that he may not vote in the 2008 election at all, such is his disappointment with the candidates.

Marcus Epstein writes:  Discussing Tom Tancredo is more appropriate because VDARE.COM focuses solely on immigration and the national question, and Tancredo made immigration the centerpiece of his campaign, not his "warmongering".  In contrast, Paul has made his opposition to the war the centerpiece of his campaign, not immigration. 

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