Immigration: The Light Dawns for American Blacks.
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An article this morning in The Boston Globe: Immigration hits home in Lynn, by Yvonne Abraham April 16, 2006 (Access may require free registration) indicates that some of the more thoughtful American Blacks are indeed starting to see what a threat the Bush Administration/Senate's proposed Amnesty/Immigration acceleration measures are to their own community. A 36 year-old store manager is quoted saying that he

knows how the controversy over immigration in this country is going to end: Millions of undocumented immigrants will get to stay in the United States, many more will follow them here, and young African-American men will have an even tougher time finding jobs.''The whole United States is going to change," the African-American store manager said as he got his hair cut at a Union Street barbershop on a recent morning. ''They'll let you go, and get one of these happy immigrants in your spot....They will work every unhappy American citizen out of their grass-cutting, trash-hauling, floor-sweeping jobs."...''Immigration is going to set the black community back 25 years,"

Other Blacks quoted in the article are still locked in the traditional attitudes of blaming whites for everything, but this is progress. As I remarked when praising Clarence Page's wise column in February has always maintained that immigration reform requires a coalition... flooding the country with low skilled Hispanics is a violent attack on [American Blacks'] standard of living. American Blacks don't have to like those who prefer pre 1965 America to see that defending the old ethnic balance works to their advantage.
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