"Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride" Could Liberate Americans!
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My dear friends, I have such good news to share with you that I can hardly contain myself.

So joyful are my tidings that I implored Peter Brimelow to permit me to share them with you early last week. [VDARE.COM NOTE: Peter Brimelow is taking a well-deserved vacation, and we're rationing these bulletins to make them last until he gets back.]

If I were locked in my room and told I couldn't come out until I had an idea that would give the goal of common sense in immigration a huge boost, I could never top the "Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride."

What better for our cause than hordes of illegal aliens boarding buses all over the United States and converging on Washington, D.C. with their mile-long laundry list of demands? Mexico is never shy about insisting on what Mexicans want - right now!

So aliens, please - assemble in large groups, protest loudly (en espanol, por favor) and let the birdbrains in DC see just how many of you there are to run rampant.

Whine and whimper about how, as illegal aliens, you insist upon the right to apply for citizenship, to "reunify" your families, and to have a voice on the job without regard to legal status... rights that you claim are denied by your "undocumented" status and our "outdated" laws.

The "Freedom Ride"—scheduled to begin in nine major metropolitan centers on September 20th and end in New York  after a stopover in Washington, is - get a load of the gall— "inspired by the Freedom Riders of the Civil Rights Movement" of the 1960s.

My heartiest "felicitaciones" to those aliens who will "come out of the shadows" to participate in this circus.

For years, your mouthpieces have told us that you dare not show your faces in the light of day. I salute your courage!

I'm so enthusiastic about what the "ride" means for us because, historically, the more up front and in the headlines the gripers are, the less success they have.

In 1994, the entire political establishment opposed California's Proposition 187. But not content to leave well enough alone, the Mexican advocacy groups organized large demonstrations in downtown Los Angeles.

When Americans saw the masses of illegal aliens taking over the streets and waving Mexican flags, they got off their duffs, voted "Yes" and propelled Prop 187 to a landslide victory.

Then, in 2000, the Gonzales family were on television all day, every day about little Elian. But it backfired. The clan quickly became the butt of late night talk show jokes. Before much longer, it was "Adios, Elian."

Mexico is more successful when it operates in stealth mode—you know, behind your back. For example, in 2002, the Mexican foreign ministry and the Fox presidential office split the cost 50-50 to hire Zemi Communications, a public relations firm with offices in New York and Washington. This was widely reported in the Mexican press and confirmed by Fox's spokesman Rodolfo Elizondo.

As a result of this alliance, Zemi ghosted Op-eds promoting amnesty written under the names of various Mexican Consuls in major metropolitan areas.

Even though the opinion pieces were obviously identical, the major dailies published them.

Another example of Mexico under the radar: look how effective Mexicans are in your local state legislature.

One day, you wake up to learn that a Latino legislator has introduced and pushed through a bill that entitles every illegal alien to a driver's license and in-state college tuition for his kids.

Too bad you never had a chance to vote.

As the date for the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride approaches, we're going to have to suck it up some, for sure. We'll be subjected to the usual spate of pro-amnesty newspaper stories, more shallow and less compelling than an Archie comic book.

And we'll have to listen to the shop-worn tedious, predictable lies shilled by the same subversive groups and commie symps that have been trying to poison America for years.

But the Immigration Freedom Ride is great for us because:

  • U.S. citizens have had a belly full of the illegal alien invasion and all of its disastrous consequences.  A totally disgusted 9 million Americans are unemployed and another fed-up 9 million are under-employed. Allan Wall, my friend, VDARE.COM colleague and expert in matters Mexican, points out the very interesting numerical relationship between unemployed Americans and illegal aliens in America: both groups amount to 9-10 million. I predict a lot of anti-illegal alien activism in response to the "ride."

  • To compare a "freedom ride" agitating for citizenship for criminals to the 1960s Civil Rights movement for Black Americans offends the sensibilities of all fair-minded people. And it exposes supporters of the "ride" like U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters and the California State Assembly and Senate as traitors.

I spoke with Ezola Foster, a former Reform Party Vice Presidential candidate and strong opponent of illegal immigration. Asked about the "Freedom Ride" and the supporting role played by prominent blacks, Foster replied, "I'm incensed. How can these so-called leaders get away with their hate speech? What we've got is the law makers siding with the law breakers."

The "Freedom Ride" will be an all expenses paid two-week vacation for any aliens with nothing better to do. But correct me if I'm wrong: aren't these guys supposed to be busy doing jobs Americans won't do?

Here's a closing thought. We're dealing with a very cocky, arrogant crowd. But the "Freedom Riders" have been considerate enough to tip us off that they will be at Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, New York on Saturday, October 4th.

I have downloaded Juan Mann's handy, dandy column "How to Report an Illegal Alien—Updated DHS Version."  My friends and I are planning to make a few phone calls that October morning.

With any luck, the "Freedom Riders" will arrive in Queens on one bus and depart in an official U.S. government vehicle, headed due south.

Joe Guzzardi [email him], an instructor in English at the Lodi Adult School, has been writing a weekly newspaper column since 1988. This column is exclusive to VDARE.COM.

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