A Catholic Reader Wonders About Those Hispanic "Family Values" 
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From:  Daniel McCarthy

A friend of mine, one of those people who supports English as an official language but still likes unlimited immigration, is fond of telling me that immigration at least brings with it the "family values" that conservatives hold dear.  He's not convinced by my arguments that unassimilated Mexican immigrants will not only vote against conservatives in politics but also make the culture less conservative. He assures me that even illegal immigrants are all devout Catholics.

A link from the Drudge Report gives a snapshot of "family values" in the Southern Hemisphere.  Specifically, this is an article about "Funk Balls" in Rio.  A 14 year old girl got pregnant and got HIV at one of them, and she's not the only one.  These parties involve a creative variation on "musical chairs."  This is happening in Brazil, not Mexico, but they're both Catholic countries, for what that's worth.  Apparently, not much.

I'm Catholic myself and not a big fan of Yankee puritanism, but I don't think importing customs like the "Funk Ball" will improve matters any.  If anything I'm afraid the soul-killing puritanism of America will combine with the soul-killing carnal excess of the Funk Ball to give us the most inhuman culture yet.  Maybe something along the lines of Huxley's Brave New World?

March 14, 2001

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