This COVID + Immigration Crisis Is Creating A Huge Political Opportunity For Trump—Or DeSantis?
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When President Biden told Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to “get out of the way” and let the state’s medical bureaucrats “do the right thing” to fight the state’s Flu Manchu surge, De Santis flipped him the figurative bird [Biden tells DeSantis to 'get out of the way' amid Covid surge, by Gary Fineout, Politico, August 3, 2021]. “Why don’t you do your job?” DeSantis said. “Why don’t you get this border secure?”:

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It was a perfect rejoinder. Biden is swamping the country with COVID-carrying illegals. Former President Trump says little about immigration these days, and even if he did, no one would know: Big Tech has muzzled him. There’s a void opening up, and DeSantis can fill it—above all, if he urges an immigration moratorium

July’s unofficial numbers at the border with Mexico are mind-boggling if not downright terrifying. Border agents apprehended more than 210,000 illegals, some 6,779 per day [Children stopped at border likely hit record-high in July, by Elliott Spagag, Associated Press, August 3, 2021].

Of course, AP focused on the “children” because lachrymose tales about “children” make them a human shield that paralyzes critics of Biden’s Border Treason. That aside, border agents stopped 78,000 migrants in the Rio Grande Valley Border Sector alone. Another 37,000 are thought to have evaded the Border Patrol and slipped into the country.

This isn’t just a crisis. It’s full-on invasion: 247,000 is nearly the population of Winston-Salem, North Carolina! If another 247,000 cross in both August and September—we have no reason to believe the figure will decrease—more than 1.8 million illegals will have landed here since October 1, the start of the fiscal year.

Disappointed as we should be that Trump has been relatively silent on the matter, it wouldn’t much matter if he were shouting from the rooftops. Leftist Big Tech has locked him up and thrown away the key.

“Online talk about him has plunged to a five-year low” because “he’s banned or ignored on pretty much every major social media venue,” chortled Drew Harwell of Washington Post:

In the last week, Trump’s website—including his new blog, fundraising page and online storefront ­— attracted fewer estimated visitors than the pet-adoption service Petfinder and the recipe site Delish.

Social engagement around Trump—a measure of likes, reactions, comments or shares on content about him across Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest—has nosedived 95 percent since January, to its lowest level since 2016.

[Trump is sliding toward online irrelevance. His new blog isn’t helping, May 21, 2021]

Hardy-har-har—Trump’s less popular than Petfinder! That isn’t because Trump is less popular in and of himself. Trump’s “social engagement” has cratered because Big Tech shut him down. They could do the same to anyone—and will.

Still, quarantining Trump frees others, like DeSantis, to take his place. Patriotic Americans know something is terribly wrong; that’s why they backed Trump six years ago. All DeSantis or another visible GOP conservative must do is pick his banner out of the dust, hoist it high, and charge up the hill. What’s happening at the border is a chance for the party to retake Congress in 2022, if not the White House in ’24.

Yet the key, as we’ve said so often at VDARE, isn’t just illegal immigration, although that’s certainly an immediate crisis. It’s legal immigration, and Biden’s effort to elect a new people by importing them to take jobs and glom onto welfare. As well, whoever takes up Trump’s cause should hammer away at Birthright Citizenship, and propose mass deportations, another Operation Wetback, to get rid of the huddled mass of humanity that Biden imported. Point is, the borders must close. All this should be the centerpiece of an immigration patriotism platform for the next GOP presidential contender.

Consider the results of some recent polling:

Seventy-seven percent of Republicans said in a Feb. 18-24 poll that they want more fencing along the southern border with Mexico, up six points from 2015. And 56% do not want illegal immigrants to have a path to citizenship, which is up 18 percentage points from a 2018 survey.

Republicans are increasingly expressing deep concerns about immigration as waves of unaccompanied children and families continue to show up at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Twenty-two percent of Republicans said in a March 10-11 poll they consider immigration to be the nation’s most important problem, up from 7% who said so in early February.

[Republicans' hostility grows toward illegal immigrants as party attacks Biden on border, by Chris Kahn, Reuters, March 17, 2021]

Politics aside, the border crisis isn’t just a concern because of overwhelming numbers. Biden, who feigns concern about the WuFlu, is permitting infected “migrants” virus to enter the country and busing them into the heartland.

The heroic Bill Melugin, a reporter for Fox News, is documenting it all.

“McAllen, TX says the federal government has released over 7,000 COVID positive migrants into their city since February, including over 1,500 new infected migrants in just the *last week alone*,” he tweeted. “A local state of disaster in McAllen has been declared.”

He followed that frightful news with video of illegals emerging from buses that arrived at a processing center every 30 minutes.

Insidious. Insane. Incredible. And Biden knows exactly what he’s doing, and why he’s doing it. He’s so anxious to bring in new Democrat voters he doesn’t care how sick they are. And he doesn’t care who knows!

“On the one hand, the Biden administration is reimposing mask mandates and burdensome health restrictions we thought we had left behind,” Miranda Devine wrote in the New York Post [It’s Democrats, Biden admin’s border policies spreading COVID, August 1, 2021]. “On the other hand, it is knowingly ushering in millions of illegal immigrants infected with COVID and not even testing them or keeping track of where they go. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has testified to that fact.”

As Devine writes, Biden and his hate-America torpedoes are violating their own COVID rules:

If you are a law-abiding American citizen arriving at an American airport, even if you are fully vaccinated, you have to produce a negative COVID test result from the past one to three days or you won’t be allowed in.

But at the southern border you can wander across, coughing and sneezing, and they’ll give you a welcome pack and send you on your way to spread the disease.

If a Republican can’t use these ill demographic winds to position himself for White House run in  ’24 and pound away for an immigration moratorium, perhaps the party is as hopeless and stupid as real conservatives say. Even so, a smart candidate for state or local office could run on the COVID + immigration issue.

Yet the China Virus–immigration nexus isn’t the only issue patriots can exploit. Biden and his hard-left myrmidons—from sea to shining sea and across the fruited plain—are declaring racism a “public health” matter. You read that right.

The CDC itself has declared as much [Director’s Commentary,, April 8, 2021]. But blacks in our nation's capital, for example, murder each other at rates far worse than the COVID pandemic; Washington, DC, murders surpass coronavirus deaths in July by nearly 3-to-1 ratio, by Greg Norman, Fox News, August 2, 2021].

And it’s not just the CDC. The racism as a public health crisis lunacy has spread across America like a certain Chinese virus:

Amid protests for racial justice and an end to police brutality in the wake of the death of George Floyd and others, a rising number of U.S. local leaders are creating resolutions to declare racism a public health crisis.

They also are committing to specific actions as a first step toward meaningful change.

Update 6/25/21: San Antonio, Los Angeles, and Chicago are among 226 cities, counties, and other governmental leaders that have declared racism a public health crisis, as of June 25, 2021, according to Michigan cartographer Alex B. Hill on Twitter.

[Update: 226 Cities, Counties, Leaders Declare Racism a Public Health Crisis!, by Cliff Despres,, December 7, 2020]

And let us not forget corporate America’s obsession with Critical Race Theory.

To sum up, here’s what DeSantis and any other GOP hopeful has to work with for the next three years:

  • The border is wide open; millions of illegal aliens have crossed.
  • Those illegals are infected with a virus, which has multiple variants, that is responsible for mask and vaccine mandates and lockdown orders on real Americans.
  • Biden and his regime legmen are supporting asylum, sending those diseased illegals into the heartland, yet ordering Americans to prepare for more draconian health mandates.
  • Big Tech has silenced Trump, America First’s Nick Fuentes and others, and will likely crack down on even more as 2022, and then 2024, approach.
  • Leftists are pushing an unhinged public witch-hunt about “racism.”

All this has opened the door for a nationalist Republican to hit even harder than Trump did … and win.

Maybe DeSantis is that man. Maybe not. But someone better be because right now, Biden and his Stakhanovite political laborers are working overtime not just to transform America demographically but to silence, marginalize, and criminalize anyone who opposes them.

Without another leader, within three years, the Historic American Nation might be finished for good.

Jack Dalton is a recovering conservative.

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