A North Carolina Reader Complains That His Local Newspapers Can't Tell An "El Salvador Man" From A "North Carolina" Man
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From: A Genuine North Carolinan Reader [Email him]

Another "Forsyth County"/"North Carolina" man was torn from his family for 13-17 years after criminally tearing someone else's real American family up for good.

Roberto Jose Lemus Martinez (right) is a “North Carolina” or "Forsyth County" county man in one story about him killing an 80 year-old American woman while drunk, and a “Winston-Salem” man in the second, so I’ll call him “Bobby Joe”, in accordance with local custom. 

The AP won't even tell you that Bobby Joe's BAC (blood alcohol content) was .14 at time of "familial destruction". [Forsyth County man gets 13-17 years in fatal wrong-way crash, The Associated Press, June 27, 2018 ]

The local Winston-Salem Journal will just begrudgingly tell you (i.e. bury the secondary lede) about Bobby Joe's BAC at the end of their article. (and only after citing intimate details entered into evidence by Bobby Joe's abogado about Bobby Joe's very moderate drinking habits) Then then the Journal writer/editors adroitly and cynically close with some good ol' fashioned “pass that second love offering plate” country gospel religion.

Martinez, the oldest of 13 children, came to this country three years ago from El Salvador, Hines said. Two of his siblings—a sister and a brother—lived in Charlotte. In February 2017, he moved to Winston-Salem. His fiancee was pregnant with their child.

Through a Spanish-language interpreter, Martinez, clearly emotional, said he didn’t even have the courage to look at the Staffords, who sat in the front row of the courtroom. He said he made a mistake, one that he will regret for the rest of his life.

“I am asking for forgiveness from God and from them,” he said. “I hope one day they will forgive me and God will forgive me, too.”

 Winston-Salem man convicted in fatal crash traveled 4 miles in wrong direction on U.S. 52 before collision that killed 80-year-old woman , By Michael Hewlett, Winston-Salem Journal, June 26, 2018


Nobody seems to address the primary lede at all as to why this "Forsyth County Man" never had a drivers' license to start with—presumably he and the rest of his family are illegal immigrants.


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