A Former Border Patrol Agent Says Apprehensions Of Illegals Are Being Massively Undercounted
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Re: A Former Border Patrol Agent Reports, With Picture, On The THOUSANDS Of Illegals Thronging To The Southern Border

From: A Former Border Patrol Agent [Email him]

Thanks for using my email from the other day. I was talking to another friend a day or so ago. This might sort of be "inside baseball" as they call it, but he was saying that officially in June Del Rio Sector showed something like 18,800 apprehensions, but the truth could be that the number could be as high as 30,000, possibly even more.

Take for instance the Border Patrol Station in Rocksprings, Texas. It's an interior station far from the physical border. It only has about 10 agents assigned to it and traditionally, it was staffed by more senior agents towards the end of their careers, a lot of whom were unmotivated. They sometimes didn't catch more than 100 illegal aliens for an entire year. Most of those illegal aliens were actually Other Agency or OA calls. Which means that a different agency, like the Rocksprings Police Department, Texas DPS or the local county sheriff pulled over a vehicle with illegal aliens in it and then called the Border Patrol to come pick up the bodies.

Recently, in about five days, they got 150 illegal aliens. Why? Because Texas DPS is out on the highways pulling over suspicious vehicles and turning the illegal aliens over to the Rock Springs Border Patrol. Because of Trump's Title 42 (a Trump administration order that allows quick return of illegals because of Covid) for the time being, they are still sending back recently caught Mexicans, El Salvadorans, Guatemalans and Hondurans (my buddy wasn't sure what was happening with the Nicaraguans) to Mexico. Of course, the illegal aliens just turn right back around and try to re-enter. The Border Patrol is catching guys who have been caught two or three times in a week. The illegals just keep trying till they make it through.

So, Rock Springs catches 150 illegal aliens in one week, but the apprehensions log doesn't show a single one. It looks like officially that Rock Springs hasn't caught any illegal aliens. The problem is that the new computer system allows the agents to process the illegal aliens without getting to the very last page of the documents. Whether by accident or design, there is a flaw in the system. The old E3 system did not allow for that. The apprehensions are still in the computer system, but someone would need to go through and count them individually in order to know how many illegal aliens were actually caught. The tally is not done automatically. It only counts those illegal aliens who have been processed with all documents.

My buddy was saying that they caught one 16-year-old and another Agent said, "This kid looks familiar." It turns out that he tried crossing earlier in the week with his mother, but they were both caught. After being sent back to Mexico, they decided to split up. The kid told the Agents that if he was alone, he had a better chance of making it in even if he was caught. Sure enough, it worked. He was released into the United States as an unaccompanied juvenile. The madre will be trying to cross multiple times on her own to get that Magic Dirt.

My friend went on to say that they caught a group consisting of a 16-, 17-, 10- and a three-year-old. The three-year-old had a tag on him with a telephone number. The friend said he thought the number was out of Virginia, but wasn't sure.

If a Republican ever comes into office with a pro-immigration law enforcement agenda, the Left will be using the children to complain about how unjust it is to take children into custody; the "Kids in cages" propaganda worked so well for them. They will certainly use it again. Yet, they have no problem with dropping a three-year-old over the border with a tag on him. Real humanitarians there!



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