Israel's Netanyahu To Evict ALL African Illegals. Where Is America’s Netanyahu?
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A ZeroHedge contributor reports (disapprovingly) that new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is taking typically sensible measures to deal with the presence of African illegals in Israel:

Following public remarks from Netanyahu in which he recounted his previous efforts in 2013 to rein in illegal immigrants entering the country from Israel’s border with Egypt, the Prime Minister announced a plan to expel the remaining entirety of the 60,000 Africans who entered the country before it was able to erect a barrier to prevent them from doing so. Since then, Israel has already deported a third of that number—20,000…

Netanyahu has doubled down on his hardline immigration rhetoric by going as far to announce a policy which will offer African migrants a payment worth $3,500 and free air travel to return to the nations they emigrated from. “We have expelled about 20,000 and now the mission is to get the rest out,” Netanyahu.

[Netanyahu Regime Offers African Migrants $3,500 to Leave Israel, by Blueapples, January 28, 2023. emphasis]

Amusingly, Israel’s home-grown Treason Lobby is protesting Netanyahu with a torchlight parade, which if done by patriots in America is considered proof of Nazism.

Prior to the 2011 fall of Egypt’s President Mubarak, the Israelis apparently had a deal whereby the Egyptians prevented African migrants from even reaching Israel’s Sinai border [Israel-Sudan: Government to turn back refugees at border, Reliefweb, July 4, 2007]. There were many reports of Sudanese migrants being shot by Egyptian Forces [Egypt Arrests Seven African Migrants Near Israeli Border, by Jack Khoury, Haaretz, October 6, 2010 and Egypt Kills Six African Migrants to Israel in Border Gun Battle, by Jack Khoury, Haaretz, August 15, 2010].

With the end of this deal, a tidal wave of African immivaders started building. This was no surprise: Steve Sailer has explained the dynamic in Why Africa’s Fertility Rate Threatens the Globe.

Such a development was an immediate existential threat to Israel, a tiny country with a population of less than 10 million, which is also the only white-ruled state with a land border with Africa. (You may remember Peter Brimelow writing that ”domestic ethnic-group pressure clearly plays a role in Washington’s essentially contradictory attitudes to the white settler communities of southern Africa and the Middle East” in his seminal National Review cover story Time to Rethink Immigration?, June 22, 1992.)

In what I consider to be the finest act of statesmanship by any leader of any country in the 21st century, Netanyahu acted with courage and decision. As the tide of immivaders was building, Netanyahu was—what’s the phrase?—Building a Wall [Israel’s post-Mubarak fears see it cut ties with Egypt | Worried that Islamists will come to power if Egyptian president goes, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants construction of barrier on Egyptian border speeded up…, by Vita Bekker,, February 6, 2011].

By September 2017, we could post Israel’s Wall Against Economic Migrants ”100% Effective.”

Netanyahu was absolutely correct to claim Bibi: My Border Wall Kept Out A Million African Illegal Immigrants, Saving Israel From Collapse.

We at frequently applauded the Israeli Government actions. I particularly enjoyed writing the series Netanyahu For President! (4)

”I view the flooding illegal, job-seeking immigrants as threats to our economy, society, security and the delicate demographic fabric which Israel is built on,” Netanyahu said at the cabinet’s weekly session.

”We are determined to protect our border and our citizens’ jobs ... It is the obligation of any government that is concerned about the future of its people,” he said.”

What American leader has cared enough about the many Americans in exactly the same situation to say such a thing?

Of course, the MSM treats Israel very differently than any other country, as I noted in Trump Cites Operation Wetback: MSM Freakout. Trump Cites Israel’s Fence Success: Dead Silence.

But the overall U.S. lack of coverage of Israel’s actions in this crisis—directly applicable to America’s problem—is truly remarkable.

I know: I was watching.

Sadly, my May 2017 blog was prescient about Trump’s mediocre Border performance:

Trump will be literally a stone’s throw from Israel’s West Bank walls, some of the most formidable in history. Yet instead of highlighting this example of a nation’s will to survival he is wasting time being guilt-tripped at the Holocaust Museum, which has no relevance to America’s current situation…

Sadly, it seems elements around the President have turned his trip to into a Zionist jamboree. Whereas it could have been a chance for Israel and the Israeli experience to do something useful for America—for a change.

Did President Kushner Block Aging Father-in-Law Viewing Israel’s Wonderful Border Wall?

But at least President Trump seems to have been on the right side.

Americans need to know why the overwhelming mass of the U.S. Ruling Class has the exact inverse response to Netanyahu’s where their own country in concerned.

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