Did President Kushner Block Aging Father-in-Law Viewing Israel's Wonderful Border Wall?
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Reading Whirlwind tour: Donald Trump’s 28-hour Israel itinerary By Raphael Ahren (et al) The Times Of Israel May 19, 2017 the conclusion is unavoidable: no benefit to America is intended to be derived from this trip.

The only wall Trump is visiting is the Western Wall. No effort is being made to showcase the tremendous success of Israel’s shutting down of the African invasion via the Sinai desert as laid out in Antidote To Jeb Bush’s Lying Refusal To Build Fence: Ask Israel. Or Read Daniel Horowitz. Trump will be literally a stone’s throw from Israel’s West Bank walls, some of the most formidable in history. Yet instead of highlighting  this example of a nation’s will to survival he is wasting time being guilt-tripped at the Holocaust Museum, which has no relevance to America’s current situation.

Israel since Egyptian President Mubarak’s fall in 2011 has faced down a major existential challenge in the form of a flood of African Black economic migrants. Prime Minister Netanyahu showed exemplary determination in shutting it off, with a complete Fence and other measures of which Trump could profitably be informed.

Last month when the Budget deal avoided funding America’s border fence, Democratic leaders were still proclaiming that the barrier could not work. This displays a profoundly dishonest determination to ignore the Israeli experience. Trump needs this knowledge to be widespread if he is ever to fulfill his Number 1 campaign pledge. On an Israel trip, the MSM could not suppress it.

Opposition to protecting America is profoundly hypocritical as I observed in How Can The ADL Oppose The Trump Border Wall?

Last month I asked Why Wouldn’t President Kushner Adopt Israel’s Refugee Policy For America?

Sadly, it seems elements around the President have turned his trip to into a Zionist jamboree. Whereas it could have been a chance for Israel and the Israeli experience to do something useful for America -  for a change.

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