In December, Biden Posted The Worst Border Crossing/Invasion Month EVER
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Earlier: CBP: First Quarter Terrorist Haul At Border: 59. Total Nationwide: 163

This last December was the worst border crossing month ever. Not the worst this year, not the worst since the start of the Biden Administration, not the worst in the 21st century—the worst ever.

CBP released the December numbers on Southwest border encounters in another Friday evening news dump. They show that Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 221,000 illegal migrants last month and that total CBP encounters surged to their highest monthly level in recorded history (more than 251,000)—all in a month illegal entries should be nearing yearly lows. While the White House is working on hiding the scope of the disaster at the Southwest border by illegally funneling would-be migrants into the United States and rebranding them as “parolees”, these numbers suggest that cities and towns across the United States will be hit with even larger numbers of “new arrivals” whom they will have to feed, clothe, and house come the spring, when illegal entries normally hit their peak.

Latest News Dump Reveals December Was the Worst Border Month—Ever

by Andrew Arthur,, January 23, 2023

This is our interactive chart, which we prepare every month.

On January 3, A. W. Morgan reported:

Fox News’ Griff Jenkins reported some frightening news from the border for the first quarter of fiscal 2023. A source inside U.S. Customs and Border Protection told Jenkins that Traitor Joe Biden has released more than 425,000 illegal aliens of 617,250 encountered or apprehended. That means my CBP source was right about the magnitude of the releases. Biden is releasing well more than 40 percent, a figure VDARE has reported more than once.

You can see why Tucker Carlson says that this stuff about top secret documents is NOT the thing the GOP should be impeaching Biden over. The border treason is.

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