Netanyahu For President! (4)
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New Israeli Fence -  near Eilat looking west into Sinai

For the last couple of years, we at have been applauding Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for his stalwart defense of the Israeli nation from damaging illegal immigration, including the use of effective border fences – most recently in Netanyahu for President!(3) - Not Gideon Aronoff

It is time for more applause.

"JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Sunday pledged to crack down on the illegal immigrants flowing to his country, citing the threat their infiltration poses to the Jewish state.

"I view the flooding illegal, job-seeking immigrants as threats to our economy, society, security and the delicate demographic fabric which Israel is built on," Netanyahu said at the cabinet's weekly session.

"We are determined to protect our border and our citizens' jobs ... It is the obligation of any government that is concerned about the future of its people," he said."

Illegal immigrants threaten Israel's economy 2011-12-05

"Netanyahu paid a surprise visit to a local neighborhood that has turned into a slum inhabited by hundreds of African asylum- seekers, who fled to Israel through the nearby border with Egypt.

"I heard the residents' cry about their city being flooded with illegal immigrants. One needs to stand there and listen to them, to hear the despair of the mothers and fathers and business owners, who feel that they are losing their city and the ability to have a normal life," Netanyahu recounted his experience to the cabinet."

What American leader has cared enough about the many Americans in exactly the same situation to say such a thing? Not Newt Gingrich or President Obama!

Evidently the fall of the Mubarak regime in Egypt has effectively opened the border:

"The Population and Immigration Authority reported Monday morning that approximately 950 people have infiltrated from Sinai through the Egyptian border since the beginning of the month."

Massive Infiltration of Africans into Israel By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu   11/7/2011

And apparently Israel has a home grown Treason Lobby wanting to import a new people:

"Their presence…is favored by many secular leaders who also have expressed concerns that Israel’s growing national religious and hareidi religious populations soon will become the plurality, if not majority, in the country."

The picture illustrating this story comes from On Israel’s uneasy border with Egypt, a fence rises By Joel Greenberg  The Washington Post December 2 2011.

With characteristic dishonesty, this account tries to present the new fence as a security measure only, devoting only 20 words in a 1,045 word article to the economic migrant element of the problem. (The US MSM has been experimenting with this line about the Israeli fence policy recently.)

The reality is stated this weekend by the Mayor of Tel Aviv - who appears to think Netanyahu too liberal on the matter:

"Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai has asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to call an emergency meeting on the matter of foreign migrants in Israel.

In a letter to Netanyahu, Huldai attacked government policy, and claimed that foreign migrants are only in Israel for work…

Huldai wrote that illegal immigration is changing the face of entire neighborhoods. He wrote that the Israel needs to take immediate action to stem illegal immigration and protect its borders as a sovereign country is expected to."

Tel Aviv mayor: Foreign migrants in Israel for work, face no danger at home By Ilan Lior 04:12:11

Why is it Israeli leaders can say and do these sorts of things to defend their people, and American "leaders" cannot/will not?

H/T Diversity is Chaos

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