Biden’s Solution To His Border Rush: LEGALIZE IT. The Only Answer—IMPEACHMENT
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President Biden unveiled a grand immigration plan on Thursday, ahead of his weekend visit to the southwest border, to stop the illegal-alien invasion he invited. No, he’s not beefing up security. He’s not planning more deportations. He’s not curtailing asylum admissions. Instead, Biden will increaselegal” immigration. His administration plans to parole tens of thousands of “migrants” from select Latin American countries before they get to the border. The plan exposes the president’s utter treachery. Even his solution to the border crisis involves more immigration. The president refuses to do his job, which leaves just one serious response: The GOP must impeach him.

Biden’s new plan will allow “migrants” from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to apply for parole—which customarily allows otherwise inadmissible illegals to stay here temporarily—while they are still in their own countries. That will increase “legal” immigration beyond the current caps. Biden’s parole will allow an estimated 30,000 illegals per month to enter the country, or 360,000 migrants from the four countries annually by the end of 2023. Biden also pledges to expedite deportations for nationals from those four countries if they cross the southwest border illegally. “Migrants” who cross into Panama or Mexico before they apply will be rejected [Biden announces new program to curb illegal migration as he prepares for visit to border, by Myah Ward, Politico, January 5, 2023]. 

In October, Venezuelans were given the chance to apply for such a parole. Biden believes that step was extremely successful for the Venezuelans because it has decreased the number of Venezuelan illegals. Even if that were the case, border crossings have not dropped at all. October and November saw more than 200,000 border encounters respectively. December numbers will likely resemble those record figures. El Paso has declared a state of emergency because illegals are flooding the city [El Paso mayor declares state of emergency over influx of migrants from Mexico border, by Tim Reid and Ted Hesson, Reuters, December 18, 2022]. Illegals are even invading Florida by sea.

But Biden claims the new parole plan will somehow deter illegal immigrants. “We anticipate this action is going to substantially reduce the number of people attempting—attempting to cross our southwest border without going through a legal process,” he said [Remarks by President Biden on Border Security and Enforcement,, January 5, 2023]. He did admit that paroling “migrants” before they arrive will not solve the problem completely. His plan to solve the problem he created is, of course, Amnesty. He blamed Republicans for the border crisis because they didn’t support his Amnesty bill. That legislation would give a pathway to citizenship to all illegal aliens while offering nothing in terms of border security and immigration enforcement. The president insisted in his remarks that this bill was the only way to secure the border despite his Amnesty not even making the pretense of doing such a thing.

Immigration experts say Biden’s immigration expansion may actually be illegal. Andrew Arthur, of the Center for Immigration Studies, says the Immigration Act of 1965 “limits the administration’s authority to allow aliens into the United States on parole, and if they attempt to implement.” A former immigration judge, Arthur told Breitbart’s Neil Munro that Biden’s move will shift the responsibility for capping the number of immigrants from the legislative to the executive branch of government. Good news is, the policy will likely be struck down in court: “The states are going to sue… and argue that that is going to [illegally] increase burdens on their communities, and they’re going to win their case” [Joe Biden Claims He Can Expand Legal Migration by 360,000, January 5, 2023].

On top of all this, Biden still wants to end Title 42 public health expulsions—currently the only deterrent against illegal immigration. “I don’t like Title 42,” Biden told reporters Thursday, adding that he thinks it has worsened illegal crossing, though, technically, he is expanding its use with his new parole program providing expedited deportations of “migrants” from the countries the program targets. The U.S. Supreme Court recently forced the administration to keep Title 42 while legal challenges to its termination are resolved in a lower court [The Biden administration keeps shifting its stance on a controversial policy, by Catherine Shoichet, CNN, January 5, 2023]. Border Patrol sources expect that 14,000 to 18,000 illegals will cross the border every day if Title 42 ends [Biden braces for potentially 14,000 migrants a day, by Stef W. Knight, Axios, December 13, 2022].

All this shows a president for whom the Border Rush is literally a feature, not a bug. He has no plan to solve the problem besides legalizing it. His Executive Action boosts “legal “immigration and his legislative plan does the same. Neither plan does more than the bare minimum to increase border security and immigration enforcement. Additionally, he wants to end the one policy that does anything to stem the border invasion. It’s clear that Biden is more committed to swamping America demographically than to upholding our country’s immigration laws.

This treasonous policy requires two responses.

  • One is lawfare. Republican state attorneys general have consistently and successfully sued the president over his immigration betrayals.

These lawsuits halted Biden’s deportation freeze, restored (temporarily) Remain in Mexico, and have so far prevented the administration from ending Title 42. CIS’s Arthur says these same attorneys general can stop Biden’s expanded parole program.

Which is absolutely necessary to prevent hundreds of thousands of paroled gaining a foothold in our country. While parole is supposed to be temporary, it’s been near impossible to deport other “migrants” who were allowed to come here under similar programs. Illegals who have received Temporary Protected Status have been effectively promoted to permanent protected status thanks to leftist Kritarchs and Deep State bureaucrats. “Migrants” given parole will never face a serious threat of deportation unless Republicans overhaul our broken immigration system. But until then, “migrants” will be long-term residents, drop Anchor Babies, and further the Great Replacement. That must be stopped ASAP. A court order to halt the plan would be a significant victory for immigration patriots.

  • The second response: impeachment.

This would be a much more direct message to President Biden. The commander in chief is refusing to enforce the law, which is dereliction of duty and demands just one response. No matter how bad the border crisis gets, Biden will increase immigration and go easy on border crossers. His entire policy flouts the law in favor of non-citizens.

The Democratic Party will not allow Biden to do anything serious on the border because illegal immigration benefits the Democrats. It accelerates the replacement of the Historic American Nation and adds millions of future Democratic voters to the population.

Hence Republicans must impeach. This will be made even more necessary as the border crisis worsens in 2023 and the president proposes new ways to allow foreigners to come here legally.

It’s an idea so obvious that even National Review endorses it. “President Biden should be impeached by the incoming House Republican majority over his ongoing destruction of the southern border,” Andrew McCarthy wrote last week.

McCarthy made a strong case:

The objectives of impeaching Biden and perhaps other administration officials would be to illuminate the profound threat to our country, to place the blame for it squarely where it belongs, and to force Democrats either to reverse course or to publicly own their radical position that the United States should not have enforceable borders and that the government should prioritize the desires of aliens over the security of Americans. The Framers believed impeachment was indispensable not because they thought we’d make a habit of removing presidents but because the credible threat of impeachment and removal—the historical stigma and the prospect of losing power—would encourage presidents to honor the constitutional oath and execute the laws faithfully.

The crisis at the border is the direct result of President Biden’s impeachable dereliction of duty. That dereliction is a direct result of the Democrats’ core positions that our country should not have a border, and that illegal aliens are entitled to enter, remain at liberty, and exploit public services at the expense of American taxpayers. These matters need to be exposed and confronted. The way to expose and confront them is to impeach Biden. Otherwise, he will stay the course, Democrats will continue undermining border security, and the crisis will become existential.

[Impeach Biden over the Security Catastrophe He’s Caused at the Border, December 31, 2022]

If even the girly men at National Review get this, it’s well past time for the GOP to push for impeachment. That’s the only way to force the issue into public debate (polls show Americans still have no idea how bad the border crisis is).

The Senate won’t likely convict, but a successful House vote will at least send the message loud and clear: Do your job—enforce the immigration laws.

American voters, once alerted, will do the rest.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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