Great Replacement Update: 337K Illegals Get TPS Extension
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Traitor Joe and his Homeland Security Secretary, unindicted Cuban-Jewish visa fraudster Alejandro Mayorkas, have done it again. In a never-ending cycle meant to make deporting them impossible, they’ve extended Temporary Protected Status to more than 300,000 illegal aliens from Haiti, Nepal, Sudan, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.

Instead of forcing them to leave the country by December 31, DHS will permit them to further ensconce themselves until June 30, 2024, a public notice says. Of course, they can continue stealing jobs from Americans.

In July, the regime extended TPS for Syrians, having done so for Cameroonians and Venezuelans before that.

The regime created the latest administrative Amnesty because its ”negotiations” with the illegals’ Treason Lobby attorneys collapsed. They had filed a lawsuit against the Trump Administration, which ended TPS for the group in question. Trump wants to deport the illegals, the Treason Lobby attorneys argued, because they aren’t white:

241,699 Salvadorans, 76,737 Hondurans, 14,556 Nepalis and 4,250 Nicaraguans were enrolled in the TPS program. …

[T]he Trump administration tried to terminate TPS programs for hundreds of thousands of immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Sudan, Honduras and Nepal. But those terminations were blocked in federal courts by lawsuits that argued the terminations were rooted in racial animus and not properly justified.

[U.S. extends temporary legal status of 337,000 immigrants through 2024 amid court battle, by Camilo Montoya-Galvez, CBS News, November 10, 2022]

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Trump, but Treason Lobbyists never give up. They demanded the court rehear the case “en banc,” meaning with the entire court present. That decision is pending. 

Let’s Go Brandon’s deputies then began “negotiations” to purposely undermine the government’s own case. Those talks “broke down, paving the way for the Trump administration’s decision…to take effect.” So the regime simply surrendered and said the illegals can stay until June 2024.

As a practical matter, that means forever because they will be even more “established” here than they are now. 

Adding this 337,000 to 334,000 Venezuelans, 12,000 Cameroonians, and 7,000 Syrians brings the total with TPS in just the last few months to 690,000. That’s significantly more than the 429,630 that DHS reported to Congress in April.

TPS is the regime’s backdoor Amnesty. Brandon, Mayorkas and their lawless gang know that no GOP president will have the courage to deport 690,000 TPS recipients who have established themselves. And even if the GOP controlled the government and tried, or tried to end TPS to stop this in the future, the Treason Lobby will tie up the deportations and any legislation or executive orders in court for years.

Even if GOP immigration patriots want to add this to the list of Brandon’s impeachable offenses, Tuesday’s election results suggest that impeachment is a dead issue. 

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