Reports: Illegals Are Taking Over Streets In El Paso, And Soon Will In Yuma
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The illegal-alien invasion at the southwest border is so mind-boggling that illegals “have taken over the streets of El Paso,” Texas. And the Border Patrol will again begin releasing illegals into the streets of Yuma, Arizona, just as it did in March last year.

“Migrants have taken over the streets of El Paso—where food banks are just days from running dry—after making last-ditch border dashes in anticipation of Title 42 limits being lifted,” Emma James and Katelyn Caralle have reported for the Daily Mail:

Desperate migrants huddled at bus stops and propped up makeshift tents in freezing temperatures after already making their long and treacherous journeys to Texas. 

[Migrants take over streets of El Paso where food banks are just days from running dry—after evading cartels and border patrols - as Biden asks SCOTUS to delay end of Title 42 until after Christmas, December 21, 2022]

The intensifying invasion has increased as the end of Title 42 public-health expulsions has approached, a termination U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts enjoined on Monday. Though the Biden Regime still wants to end the expulsions, begun by President Trump to stop illegals with the Flu Manchu from entering the country, it asked the court to delay the end until after Christmas.

And ”more than 400 National Guard troops were deployed on Tuesday before the policy's expected end, causing dozens more asylum seekers to make a break for the border to avoid grim clashes,” the Mail’s report continued:

Officials said over the weekend 2,500 migrants were arriving in El Paso daily, a figure that could rise to “4,000, 5,000, maybe 6,000.”

Sources inside U.S. Customs and Border Protection predict 18,000-20,000 border crossings a day if Traitor Joe Biden ends Title 42. Those warnings began in March.

Another key invasion site is Yuma. That’s where CBP plans to dump illegals for which they have no housing.

“Mayor Doug Nicholls says Border Patrol Agents will be releasing people to the streets of Yuma starting today—Saying at least 50 will be released & it may be a “daily occurrence.” Ali Bradley of News Nation tweeted:

This happened once before during an unmanageable immigration influx in March of 2021.

CBP tells me they have not released anyone to the streets yet today, and likely won’t but it is a possibility for the rest of the week—as the facilities are exceeding capacity.

Last week, CBP was releasing as many as 10 busloads of illegals per day into Brownsville, Texas. 

And as many as 50,000 illegals are prepared to trudge north through Mexico toward the border. Traitor Joe Biden plans to “prelegalize” them.

Frightening as all this is, just remember: The Great Replacement is just a white nationalist conspiracy theory.

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