“Migrant” Lawyer: It’s An Invasion At The Border
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Traitor Joe Biden’s border treason is so flagrant that even those who support “migrants” admit he is aiding and abetting an invasion. In an interview with free-lance border reporter Ali Bradley, “migrant” attorney Rolando Vazquez used the “I” word. 

“Yes, we’re being invaded,” the Miami-based lawyer told Bradley. “Countries have borders, you have immigration laws, and if those immigration laws are being stamped on, then essentially it’s an invasion. We have no borders at this point. It’s an invasion.”

Vazquez’s clients tell him they see illegal-alien murderers, whom they knew back home, doing food delivery jobs that are a cover for drug trafficking.

Worse still, Traitor Joe isn’t much interested in deporting them, and instead wants them here to rob, rape, and murder the Historic American Nation into accepting their dispossession and replacement.


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