Battle For Columbus Day—Part Of The War On Whites
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In post-America, holidays to honor what were once national heroes are now opportunities for iconoclasm. The black-clad communist terrorists known as “Antifa” have announced plans to spend Monday defacing and destroying monuments to the great Italian explorer who opened up America to large-scale European settlement [Antifa group plans nationwide ‘deface Columbus Day’ Actions for Monday, by Debra Heine, PJ Media, October 6, 2017].

Needless to say, this is only the precursor to a larger action by “Refuse Fascism,” a front group of the Revolutionary Communist Party, to try to “drive out the Trump/Pence regime” through mass action next month [Antifa’ Preps Mass Uprising To Remove ‘Fascist’ Trump, WND, October 1, 2017]. And the main target is not Christopher Columbus, nor even President Trump—it’s the Historic American Nation itself, the European-American core which created, defined and still sustains the United States.

Columbus Day, of course, has always been a target for the Cultural Marxist Left, especially the more enthusiastic Open Borders activists and anti-white Reconquista radicals. It is now standard for American universities to rename Columbus Day as “Indigenous Peoples’ Resistance and Resilience Day.” Of course, this raises the obvious question—what are they resisting?

The answer is the existence of whites on the North American continent. For example, the “San Diego State Native American Student Alliance” said plainly:

“Celebrating Columbus is a narrative that celebrates genocide and invasion,” said SDSU NASA president Marissa Mendoza. “Our education system has failed us in many ways, and it’s erasing Native Americans from history books.”

Mendoza said the main goal of the rally is to abolish Columbus Day and promote indigenous identity.

[Native American Student Alliance protests Columbus Day, The Daily Aztec, October 7, 2017]

Of course, the “invasion” was the arrival of the Europeans, which is to say, the creation of the USA in the first place. To turn Columbus Day into “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” is to redefine America itself. Instead of America an extension of Western Civilization, America becomes a random lump of dirt populated by “Native Americans” who somehow are the only legitimate “owners” of the continent.

This claim is made with a straight face even though none of the Founding Fathers would have regarded American Indians as part of the polity. Even in the generally egalitarian Declaration of Independence, the only reference to the indigenous is to “the merciless Indian savages, whose known rule of warfare, is undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes, and conditions.

Needless to say, the standard applied to “Native Americans” does not extend to whites in their indigenous homeland of Europe. Nor, somehow, is the fate of the American Indians after mass European settlement allowed to be used as an argument against immigration.

Dawn Perlmutter at FrontPageMag correctly identifies “decolonization” as the glue which unites various Leftist movements in a larger struggle against the legacy of European settlement.

Colonialism, often synonymous with imperialism, is generally described as the process of European settlement and political domination over the rest of the world. Police and military are viewed as enforcers of the colonial oppressors. This narrative has been very successful in enlisting anti-police movements to fight under the decolonizing doctrine. Victims of real or imagined subjugation are ‘intersecting’ to join the resistance in fighting capitalism and perceived American imperialism, racism and fascism under the banner of colonization.

[Decolonize, Abolish & Bend A Knee, October 4, 2017]

However, Perlmutter errs in believing the Left’s main thrust is to “justify violence against police and armed insurrection against the government as the abolition of colonial power and the restoration of Indigenous sovereignty.” The goal is to attack whites as such.

When black students at American universities (who receive preferential admissions, special programs and financial aid because of their race) scream “F**k yo’ flag” and stomp on it, they are referring to how the American flag is still identified as part of European-American heritage, not because they oppose certain aspects of Washington’s economic policy.

It’s cliché for writers to draft George Orwell and claim the English socialist would be horrified by a certain policy, usually something about surveillance. But the true message of 1984 is to warn against the manipulation and weaponization of language. The battle to redefine Columbus Day is part of a larger War on Whites which has the goal of rendering the dispossession of Europeans worldwide as legitimate and even praiseworthy.

Consider how certain Narratives have already been weaponized against normal language:

  • “All whites are racist” because of white privilege—and, by the way, you should physically attack racists.
  • Free speech is fine, but not “hate speech,” (and even reporting objective truths about history, statistics or science can be construed as “hate speech”).
  • Saying “kill all whites” isn’t hate speech. You can’t be racist against whites. Racism requires institutional power, and only whites have that. Here, just listen to this professional anti-racism speaker who is huge honorariums by the top universities explain why. Sometimes he gets drunk and taunts dying white people, but that’s actually in defense of equality, so it’s OK.
  • Yes, the government discriminates against whites in hiring and education and pro-white advocacy will have you permanently blacklisted from every job in the country. But we still live in a “white supremacist society.” Just look at how whites are still disproportionately wealthy in this country and control so much media, cultural and economic
  • Oh wait, those “white people” are actually Jewish? Well, now “speaking truth to power” is “anti-Semitism” and you are repeating anti-Jewish conspiracy theories.
The Narratives are always shifting. There is no coherent logic. Even the meanings of words can completely change depending on who is speaking. There is no “double standard,” there is only The Standard—whites are always evil and oppressive. Attacking them is always justified.

And don’t kid yourself anti-racist whites will be spared from condemnation. After all, The Root, a black news and commentary website, said white “allies” were the “worst” white people in the country, even worse than over white “racists” [It’s Official: White Allies Are The Worst Wypipo in the World, by Michael Harriot, August 3, 2017]

(Needless to say, even though the author can’t stop complaining about how evil white people are, he’s mad about not enough being done about “desegregation.” Why? Wouldn’t he want to be apart from such terrible people?

As Donald Trump predicted after Charlottesville, the drive to remove Confederate statues expanded to the Founding Fathers and even to Abraham Lincoln. Currently, the National Football League is ripping itself apart over the question of whether the National Anthem itself is offensive. Every part of the European-American past is “offensive” once the accomplishments of Western Man are redefined as “hate.”

And the manipulation of language has real political consequences.  The word “America” itself is gradually becoming offensive to people like former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, as “America” is to be redefined as “a continent and not a country” and the United States as part of Latin America.

If Columbus Day is abolished and the campaign to rob America of its heritage is successful, European-Americans will be deracinated, atomized, cultureless and consumerist nonentities who only exist to be farmed as tax revenue by a government which despises white people but depends on its wealth and skills. The battle over symbols, language and history will determine the realities of political power in the future.

The conservative movement may occasionally bemoan iconoclasm as an attempt to “destroy history” or oppose a descent into lawlessness. But what is happening is far simpler and far more ominous. “Deface Columbus Day” is part of an attempt to dispossess European-Americans politically by delegitimizing their heritage. Following that political dispossession, economic dispossession and physical violence is sure to follow.

White genocide is no myth. Those who advocate it are now comfortably in openly declaring it. If European-Americans want to survive, they need to explicitly oppose the racially driven attack against them and their history.

And that means defending Christopher Columbus, hero and Admiral of the Ocean Sea.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

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