Now at University of New Mexico: "Indigenous Peoples’ Resistance and Resilience Day"
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Christopher Columbus

Just another dead white male

Just another sign of New Mexico returning to Old Mexico.
The Associated Students of the University of New Mexico (ASUNM) voted unanimously earlier this month to officially recognize a new holiday: Indigenous Peoples’ Resistance and Resilience Day.

The University of New Mexico’s (UNM) administration will have the final say regarding whether the holiday will be enacted.

Although the university does not celebrate Columbus Day on any of the academic or cultural calendars, ASUNM is hoping to establish a celebration that reflects the views of the student population toward the events surrounding the beginning of colonization...

The resolution claims to align with UNM’s overall mission of promoting diversity on campus and its mission statement of “enhancing the overall well-being of society.”

UNM has a particularly diverse student population. According to the College Board, 46 percent identify as Hispanic or Latino, 36 percent as white, 6 percent as Native American or Alaskan Native and 3 percent as Asian and black...

“This piece of legislation does just that: it reflects the needs of our students so that they feel represented, recognized and celebrated. UNM now has this opportunity to reaffirm this commitment to diversity,” ASUNM Sen. Alex Cervantes told Campus Reform.

[Univ. of New Mexico to celebrate 'Indigenous Peoples' Resistance and Resilience Day,' by Diana Stancy, Campus Reform, March 31, 2015]

There was a time when Mexicans considered themselves the heirs of the Spanish and Europeans.  However, there is more money in calling yourself "indigenous" these days as long as you mix it up with some jargon heavy, too good for satire multicultural boilerplate.

What the action is really about is decrying the arrival of Europeans to North America, as symbolized by Columbus.  Today, universities teach non-whites they would be better off if the Europeans had never come.  Of course, they would also mean they would be too busy being sacrificed by Aztecs instead of rent seeking at universities founded by the hated palefaces.

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