Obama Meets Secretly With Riot Organizers—Urges Them To "Stay The Course"
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How does the President have a secret meeting? By not including it on his schedule. But you can't keep a secret if you invite Al Sharpton to the meeting:

 Protesters are gathering in support of Michael Brown in and around St. Louis as they nervously await what many believe will be an inevitable no-indictment vote in the coming days by a grand jury for the officer who shot him.
Demonstrators held a 'die-in' Sunday to mark 100 days since the unarmed Ferguson, Missouri teen was killed. They also convened to, among other things, prepare for the imminent court decision by issuing 'rules of engagement' for police there for crowd control, the New York Times reports.

Many of the the high-profile protesters met with President Obama and discussed the matter November 5, including Reverend Al Sharpton. It was a meeting the Gateway Pundit notes was not included on the president's daily schedule.

Sharpton told the Times that Obama urged the group to 'stay on course.'

Here's a picture from the "die-in".
John Derbyshire wrote recently that the expression "white supremacy" is being used rather than racism because modern leftists (white and black) can't credibly claim to be against racism.

In a related note, actor/columnist/Nixon administration veteran Ben Stein said recently that Obama is "the most racist president there has ever been in America".

I suppose that people reading this immediately thought that George Washington owned slaves, and Andrew Jackson fought the Indians, but ask yourself this—did any president from the end of the Civil War to George W. Bush have a "secret meeting" in his office with representatives of the Ku Klux Klan?

That's the equivalent of Obama meeting with those Ferguson rioters.

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