The Literal End of "America"
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Nancy Pelosi didn't just display the typical liberal hypocrisy when she preened about wanting to take home all the adorable bambinos besieging our Southern border.  Her comment that "We are all Americans—North and South in this hemisphere" may sound odd to Middle Americans but is already established practice at colleges and universities.

Any graduate student who's been forced to sit through "Chicano/a Studies" or in a "Cultural Communications" class can tell you stories about how the affirmative action students will protest if someone refers to the United States as "America."  Instead, they will lecture, "America is a continent, not a country."  American must refer to themselves as "US-Americans" lest they be thought politically incorrect.

Professional parasite Jose Antonio Vargas's site "Define American" features articles on the subject.  [A Geography Lesson, America Is a Continent, Not a Country, Define America, November 15, 2011]  Again, not only do immigrants not assimilate, they are not even willing to accept the name of the country without taking offense.

The rationale of course is that calling the USA "America" legitimizes the white settlement on the Northern American continent and the creation of the country, instead of treating it as an unfortunate invasion of what should be a "brown continent."  As the leftist Z Magazine put it,

It is Manifest Destiny that calls this nation 'America,' thus denying any serious existence to over 550 million human beings who stretch across 7,785,000 square miles. For Latinos/as here and abroad, calling this country 'America' is offensive. Perhaps unintentional, but offensive. We should all ask ourselves: do we really want to approve that racist, imperialist worldview by using the empire's name for itself?  [Don't Call This Country 'America', by Elizabeth (Betita) Martinez, Z Magazine, July/August 2008]

Of course, actual Americans should ask their own question.  Do we really want to invite into our country tens of millions of racist, imperialist members of La Raza who are making a claim on a nation they were incapable of creating?

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