Announcing’s War On Christmas Competition 2015!
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I’m happy to say that’s annual War On Christmas competition—to find the most disgusting attempt to abolish Christmas, or (sometimes) the most heartening report of its survival—has already been Harked by Cultural Marxist Herald Angel Bill Berkowitz [email him]: Right-Wingers Morphing Phony "War on Christmas" Into War on American Muslims, Truthout, December 8, 2015:

…since the San Bernardino massacre, some longtime "War on Christmas" combatants are morphing over-the-top "War on Christmas" rhetoric into an all-out attack targeting all American Muslims.

Peter Brimelow, one of the early architects of the modern "War on Christmas" is one of those combatants. In a recent column at the VDARE website, Brimelow maintains that immigration should be suspended – an argument he has made for years – and, he's added a new wrinkle; Muslim Americans should be subject to expulsion from this country.

The subheads of Brimelow's story do not mince words. Under one titled, "This attack was a real War on Christmas," Brimelow wrote: "Although with impressive discipline the MSM [mainstream media] refers to the site of the killings as a 'Holiday Party,' and I'm quite sure that's what the liberal bureaucrats at the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health called it, of course it was actually a Christmas party. ... 'Holiday Party' already represents massive self-abnegation—and it didn't work. My message to Christians: you can wimp, but you can't hide."

Brimelow added: "If Christian churches in the U.S. were not completely degenerate, they would be raising hell about Christophobia right now. Imagine the uproar if this was an attack on a Jewish gathering. (In fact, you don’t have to imagine)."

( links added—the ones in quotations added back, because Berkowitz had deleted them.). This, of course, is part of the MSM War on Trump, the frantic effort to smear the GOP front runner and Muslim immigration skeptic with guilt by association with any Politically Incorrect source who has a kind word for him or anything he has ever advocated. Similarly, Max Blumenthal wrote about us in the Daily Beast back in 2008 only because of the then-current War Against Fox’s Bill O’Reilly.

The War Against Christmas is one of my personal favorite topics. Reporting on it has got me, at least as of this writing, one of my few mentions in Wikipedia (right up there with O’Reilly—wow!) although it misdates my interest, which go back to 1995 when I got poor John O’Sullivan, then Editor of National Review, to start a War Against Christmas Competition. (We called it “War Against Christmas”, but “War On Christmas” has obviously won out in popular usage, so I’ve adapted, with characteristic grace.)

The last NR competition ran in 1997, at which time William F. Buckley for his own discreditable reasons had already fired O’Sullivan, but had not yet leaked the disinformation that O’Sullivan was “resigning to write a book.” The War Against Christmas Competition was promptly dropped, along with the cause of patriotic immigration reform—not coincidentally. In 2000, NR itself actually published a “Holiday Books Guide”. (NR has fudged since then to gull the outraged peasantry, but the National Review Wine Club still has a ”Special Holiday Season Offer” in 2015).

One of the reasons we fight the War On Christmas is that, as the late Sam Francis wrote back in 2004, the War On Christmas is A War On The West. This became even clearer more recently with the unfolding in Europe of what the French writer Renaud Camus calls “The Great Replacement.” As the historic American nation that celebrates Christmas is replaced by non-traditional immigration, the festival will go the way of the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. Indeed, one of the 2015 shots we’ve already recorded was by one Paul Waldman who managed simultaneously to sneer at the concept of a War on Christmas and also to gloat that “as the country grew more diverse in all kinds of ways” American Christians’ “position of cultural dominance was undercut”—an unusually blatant expression of combined immigration enthusiasm and Christophobia.

When I declared the winner in our War On Christmas Competition 2014, I noted that the War Against Christmas in the U.S. had gone through eight distinct phases:

  1. Guerilla War 1990s-2000
  2. Gathering resistance, 2001-2003.
  3. The Khristmaskampf goes Mainstream, 2004.
  4. War On Christmas Denial 2005-2007
  5. War on Christmas Finally Gets Nasty 2008-9
  6. “War On Christmas Is Over!!” 2009
  7. War on Christmas Redux 2010-2011
  8. Going in for the Kill? 2012
But I had concluded in 2013 that, not for the first time, I seemed to have been early—as I was in 2004, when I predicted the first outbreak of nastiness, which didn’t show up until 2008. Just as on the Western Front a century ago

9. Trench Warfare

seemed to have established itself. I thought this pattern had been confirmed in 2014.

As in 1914, trench warfare does mean that the enemy (if you identify with the Allies) is in possession of much of the field. You need only glance at the pictures of Cleveland Christmases past in Tom Piatak’s most recent annual survey of the War On Christmas, or read about this 2006 Los Angeles Times editorial, to realize how far the Cultural Marxist Khristmaskampf has gotten.

And the Christophobes were still able to launch successful local offensives which the national MSM now generally will not report. Obviously local bureaucrats all over America have gotten the message.

My preliminary sense this year, again, is that the War is intensifying, one aspect of the increasing desperation on the part of what I have called Anti-America to suppress America before the latter wakes up and ends its own dispossession through immigration.

Overall, I continue to think that that E.G. Kontorovich was right back in 1997:

Unless society draws a line—and the only obvious place to draw it is at Christianity—an unmanageable tumult will ensue: gridlock in the public square.
And this line must be drawn by Federal legislation.

Fortunately, we have reason to think this will be high on President Trump’s agenda!

Submit your entries to [email protected], or through our Android App, available here.

The prize will depend on the success of our Christmas Appeal!

A very Merry Christmas from all of us at


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