Which NFL Players Will Put Althea Bernstein's Name on Their Helmets?
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Earlier: Protesters Demand Justice for Althea Bernstein (Does She WANT Justice?) and Althea Bernstein, Jussie Smollett, and Tawana Brawley: Is This A Hate Hoax Or Firebomb Coverup?

From MSN:

List of approved names for placement on helmet bumper includes David Dorn
Mike Florio 2 days ago

When word emerged that the NFL will allow players to display on their rear helmet bumpers the names of victims of police violence and systemic racism, many asked whether David Dorn’s name would be eligible for use. …

Dorn, a retired police officer, was fatally shot in St. Louis during looting that occurred in connection with the protests that emerged following the murder of George Floyd. …

This is the current list of approved names for placement on the player helmet bumpers, as provided by the NFL to PFT: Ahmaud Arbery, Althea Bernstein, La’Vante Biggs, Jacob Blake, Emantic “EJ” Bradford, Rayshard Brooks, Kalief Browder, Jim Brown, Michael Brown, Dennis “Ballie” Browning Jr., Miriam Carey, Philando Castile, William L. Champman II, Kenneth Clark Sr., Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, John Crawford III, Tymar Crawford, Emerson Crayton, Jordan Davis, Amadou Diallo, David Dorn, Manuel Ellis, Curtis Flowers, George Floyd, Janisha Fonville, Cornelius Fredericks, Eric Garner, Tank Goodman, Oscar Grant, Freddie Gray, Ronald Greene, Vanessa Guillén, Akai Gurley, DJ Henry, Botham Jean, Atatiana Jefferson, Dion Johnson, Jamee Johnson, Joshua Johnson, Kendrick Johnson, Bettie Jones, Corey Jones, Julius Jones, India Kager, Rodney King, Cameron Lamb, John Lewis, Shaheen Mackey, Marcus Malone, Trayvon Martin, Elijah McClain, Markeis McGlockton, Lyric McHenry, Davon McNeal, Marion Motley, Dante Parker, Fritz Pollard, Dreasjon Reed, Kevin Richardson, Jemel Roberson, Craig Rodgers, Deravis Caine Rogers, Antwon Rose Jr., Aura Rosser, Charles Roundtree, Jon Russell, Yusef Salaam, John Sanders, Raymond Santana, Antronie Scott, Walter Scott, James Scurlock, Sha-Asia Semple, Yvette Smith, Jason St. Julien, Eurie Stamps Sr., Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Alton Sterling, Enosa “EJ” Strickland, Willie Sturgis Jr., Darius Tarver, Breonna Taylor, Christian Taylor, Emmett Till, Denmark Vesey, Taiesha Watkins, and Alteria Woods. [Links added]

Where are such classic names as Jussie Smollett and Tawana Brawley?

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