Trayvon's 23rd Birthday: If He'd Killed George Zimmerman, He'd Definitely Be Out By Now
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Two years ago, I did a post called Trayvon’s 21st: If He Had Killed George Zimmerman, Trayvon Would Be Out Of Jail By Now.

This was in response to tweets, now taken down, saying



These tweets got the author a lot of death threats. It's now the 23rd anniversary of Trayvon's birth, and almost the 6th anniversary of his attack on George Zimmerman, which happened on February 26, 2012.

Last year, I pointed out that if Trayvon, as a juvenile, had pled guilty to something like involuntary manslaughter—after making a "gay panic" defense—he might have been back on the street, rather than turning "21 in prison."

That's even more true now—and if it weren't for Black Lives Matter, Trayvon might have lived to be pardoned by President Hillary Clinton.

But George  Zimmerman would still be dead.

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