A Reader Compares The Joker's "Uprising" With The One Sparked By Ferguson's Michael Brown
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Re: Steve Sailer's post NYT: "Joker" Is What Happens "When White Supremacy Is Left Unchecked"

From: Delmar Jackson [Email him]

Steve Sailer quotes the NYT's Lawrence Ware [Email him] as saying

"The fact that the Joker is a white man is central to the film’s plot. A black man in Gotham City (really, New York) in 1981 suffering from the same mysterious mental illnesses as Fleck would be homeless and invisible. He wouldn’t be turned into a public figure who could incite an entire city to rise up against the wealthy. "

What about the Gentle Giant, Michael Brown? Days before Mike was shot friends and relatives reported Brown was acting strangely and had told friends he was having conversations with angels. [Michael Brown Spent Last Weeks Grappling With Problems and Promise, by John Eligon, NYT, August 24, 2014] I am no doctor but it sounds like Brown was having schizophrenic symptoms, a diagnosis which would have explained nearly all of his odd behavior the day he was shot while charging an armed police officer in the middle of the street minutes after robbing a store. (You published a letter, not by me, about it at the time: A Reader Notes Evidence Of Schizophrenia In The Sob Story Profiles Of The Late Michael Brown.)

Mentally disturbed Michael Brown was certainly as famous as the Joker. The gentle Giant Michael Brown spawned an anti-white movement, helped create a hateful, corrosive, dishonest, and racially divisive Hands Up Don't Shoot meme and destroyed a small city. Hardly another invisible mentally disturbed black man.

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