Tyler O'Neil At PJMedia Thinks AutoZone Hate Crime Story "Sounds Outlandish"—We've Been Covering These For Years
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On PJMedia  Tyler O'Neil (who has reported on our suit against the SPLC) links to a report of a black man stabbing a random white man because of the anti-white propaganda that's going around.

“Jayvon Hatchett stabbed Auto Zone employee 7 times after ‘watching Facebook videos of police shootings,'” WLTZ News reporter Robbie Watson posted on Facebook after the arraignment. “Hatchett smiles telling Detective he chose white man at random and stabbed him in the neck. Victim’s critical and traumatized by attack according to court testimony.”

While the story sounds outlandish, Watson has stood by her story. Police said the victim apparently had no connection to Hatchett. Authorities said the victim is in critical condition but is expected to make a recovery.

Black Man Stabbed 'Random' White AutoZone Employee in the Neck After Watching Police Shooting Videos, by Tyler O'Neil Aug 27, 2020

Think about that story sounding outlandish for a moment. It sounds very familiar to me.

Tyler goes on to say

This kind of wanton stabbing is the exact recipe for a race war. If black people, in the name of Black Lives Matter, stab white people merely for the color of their skin, their movement has ceased to be about justice or equality.

When was it ever about that? It's always been about black power, and the right to resist arrest, and commit crime without consequence. He even says:

The Black Lives Matter movement needs to vocally condemn Jayvon Hatchett.

Well, there isn't a centralized Black Lives Matter movement the way there's a Democratic Party, or an NAACP. What there is a lot of blacks on the streets who feel the way Jayvon Hatchett does. Hatchett, by the way, was free on bond for a "criminal damage to property" charge three days previously, and 6 months ago he was arrested for two felonies including aggravated assault.

But let's get back to O'Neil. He works for PJMedia, the conservative, anti-riot media outlet. He's written a book on how phony the SPLC is. But he seems to have no idea how common black-on-white racist attacks are, and how this is neither the first nor the worst attack to be specifically targeted due to anti-white propaganda from the MSM, the SPLC, or the educational system.

One early example is the "Mississippi Burning" attack in 1993 that was the subject of a hate crime prosecution that went all the way to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court in 1993 upheld a Wisconsin hate crime statute that allowed longer prison times if a criminal chose their victim on the basis of "the victim's race, religion, color, disability, sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry." The case Wisconsin v. Mitchell stemmed from an assault by a group of young black men on a 14-year-old white boy after the men had watched Mississippi Burning, a fictionalized movie loosely based on the murder of three civil rights workers in Mississippi in 1964. Todd Mitchell, prior to the attack, had said, "Do you all feel hyped up to move on some white people?" He claimed the hate statute that allowed enhanced penalties was a violation of the First Amendment in restricting speech. The court disagreed, saying the statute punished conduct, not speech.

[Wisconsin v. Mitchell (1993)]

Four blacks targeted a random white teen because they had been watching a Hollywood propaganda movie generally considered to include a pack of lies [Mississippi Burning Scorches Historians, by Robert Brent Toplin, Perspectives On History, April 1, 1989]. There were people who insisted that it was fake but accurate, but all that means is they hate whites too.

Here are three articles on the death of Brittney Watts, whose killer specifically credited his anti-racist education as the motive.

Here are some white victims, outlandishly (MSM reports like to say "randomly") targeted by anti-white hate, ginned up by various people:

In that last one, I'm referring to Ronald Ray Howard, the black gunman who murdered white Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Bill Davidson,  and who used the effect of rap music as a defense:

Defense attorneys argued at his trial that Howard's constant exposure to gangsta rap music and its anti-police messages influenced him to pull the trigger. "He grew up in the ghetto and disliked police, and these were his heroes, these rappers . . . telling him if you're pulled over, just blast away," his trial attorney, Allen Tanner, recalled last week. "It affected him. That was a totally valid serious defense."

'Gangsta rap' killer executed for trooper's death Trial attorneys had argued that anti-police music led to the slaying

By Michael Graczyk, Associated Press, October 7, 2005

I wrote in the blog item above, that Howard, who felt "taunted" when stopped by the late Trooper Davidson, was not entitled to claim "racism" when he was stopped because he was driving a stolen car.

But it's the fact that these attacks, which have been going on year after year (Nicholas Stix has a lengthy list here), sound outlandish to O'Neil that gets me. It reminds me of two earlier clueless commentators.

One is Glenn Beck, who had never heard, until six years after it happened and was discussed all over the dissident internet, of the Knoxville Horror: the torture, rape and murder of two young white people in Tennessee by a gang of blacks.

The other is Vox's Ezra Klein, who wrote this in 2014, about the late Michael Brown's attack on Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO:

So Brown is punching inside the car. Wilson is scrambling to deflect the blows, to protect his face, to regain control of the situation. And then Brown stops, turns to his left, says to his friend, "Here, hold these," and hands him the cigarillos stolen from Ferguson Market. Then he turns back to Wilson and, with his left hand now freed from holding the contraband goods, throws a haymaker at Wilson.

Michael BrownEvery bullshit detector in me went off when I read that passage. Which doesn't mean that it didn't happen exactly the way Wilson describes. But it is, again, hard to imagine. Brown, an 18-year-old kid holding stolen goods, decides to attack a cop and, while attacking him, stops, hands his stolen goods to his friend, and then returns to the beatdown. It reads less like something a human would do and more like a moment meant to connect Brown to the robbery."

Officer Darren Wilson's story is unbelievable. Literally, Vox, November 25, 2014

Wilson's version was confirmed by local black witnesses at the Grand Jury, which refused to indict Wilson. But what we're looking at here, is someone who has no idea what blacks are like when they're angry.

When Klein said it didn't sound like "something a human would do," he meant "a human who went to the same high school he did," and I assume that's what Tyler O'Neil meant when he said that an aggrieved black stabbing a random white was outlandish. Some people just aren't living in the real world.


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